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Celebrating the Holidays on a Dime

written by Guest Blogger December 16, 2014

Christmas is only a little over a week away, and so because of this, I’m going to publish several guest articles back-to-back, then give you a few days off so you can DO something with the information! So the last 2 posts were some healthier-for-you cookie recipes. Here are a few ideas in how to spend a fun, cost-effective holiday with your loved ones by guest blogger, Stu Lieberman! 

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays. But if thoughts of expensive tea outings and trips to big Christmas productions in town have your wallet worried, take heart. Not every activity this time of year has to break the bank. Here are some fun and frugal ways to celebrate the season:

  1. Check Out Local Productions of Holiday Favorites. A ticket to Handel’s Messiah at the big theater downtown could set you back $100 or more per ticket. But did you know many local schools put on their own versions of holiday classics? The middle school up the street from my house just put on a wonderful performance of The Nutcracker. The cost? Whatever you wanted to donate. You can often find upcoming local productions listed in neighborhood papers. Or, simply call your local middle or high school to see if they have any performances planned.
  2. Take a Tour of Neighborhood Lights. Nothing thrills or amazes my kids more than an elaborate light display. Many people go all out to decorate their homes this time of year. Take a drive around your neighborhood to find your favorite decorated house. Or, enter your zip code at Christmas Light Finder to find displays near you. Best of all, this activity is absolutely free.
  3. Volunteer. Have you ever seen a child’s face light up when they’re listening to ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas? It can warm your heart. Consider volunteering to read holiday books at your local library or children’s hospital.
  4. Host Your Own Tea Party. Having tea at an upscale hotel can be pricey. Instead, host your own tea party. Have the kids help you make little finger sandwiches and tiny treats. Make some flavored tea and hot chocolate. Get dressed in your Christmas best. Put on some holiday tunes. And, enjoy everything a fancy hotel party offers in the comfort of your own home.
  5. Have a Holiday Movie Night. From Elf to A Christmas Story there are holiday movies that delight all ages. Schedule a holiday movie night with your family. Make some popcorn. Put on your pajamas. And snuggle up together on the sofa to enjoy a favorite.
  6. Invite Friends Over for a Cookie Exchange. One of my favorite holiday activities with my kids is baking cookies. Sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, and my favorite…chocolate chip. To add even more festive cheer to cookie baking, consider starting a cookie exchange. Invite your kids’ friends (and their parents) over with their own cookies. The kids can exchange cookies with each other while you enjoy some adult time with their parents.
  7. Make Homemade Gifts. Your mom does not need another sweater. Instead, make her something from the heart. This year I purchased a couple of painter’s canvases from a craft store and had my kids paint their grandmother pictures. They turned out great. It was a fun activity for them. And, they can’t wait for Grandma to unwrap them on Christmas morning. Other homemade gift options: ornaments, wrapping paper, and picture frames.

About the Author

This article is written by + Stu Lieberman the writer for Nutri-Health.com, an online High Quality Probiotics and Health Store. Assisting people and helping them find quality natural probiotic supplements and health products online is what Stu has been doing for over 2 years. Nutri-Health.com carries Digestive Supplements to Probiotics to Joint Health.

What are some of your favourite ways to spend the holidays without breaking the bank?

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