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Canada’s Birthday Gift

written by Head Health Nutter July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Canada! So besides honouring the birth of my country with some fabulous friends, a raspberry Stoli and juice, and spectacular fireworks tonight, I wondered what type of gift I could give her.

Then I saw it: a poster sponsored by The Health Council of Canada asking us to voice our opinion on the current health care system and how the government has been spending our money. What a wonderful gift for Canada!

By joining the conversations on the Canada Values Health discussion board, we can help our entire country as well as ourselves and all of our loved ones. Current topicsĀ  range from `Unnecessary Use of the Health Care System’ and `Preventing Illness & Promoting Health’ to`Prescription Drugs’ and `Seniors Care’.

If you’re looking for a constructive gift for Canada, please consider posting and commenting your thoughts about the Value for Money in our publicly funded health care system.

Happy Canada Day!

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