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Can You Have Too Many Lemons?

by Head Health Nutter on March 9, 2009

lemonade-in-hot-summer In preparing for a Master Cleanse, my Honey voiced his concern about the potential damage the acid would do to my system. A good question, especially considering you can easily use  2 lemons per day for as many as 10 days in the Master Cleanse, I went hunting for an answer.

What I found instead was a surprisingly long list of health benefits. Between it’s high content of Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant), phytonutrients, bioflavinoids, citric acid levels and alkalizing effect on the body, lemons:

  • Reduce blood pressure, strengthen capillaries and relieve palpitations
  • Help raise good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and prevent bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) from oxidizing
  • Prevent plaque formation, which clogs arteries
  • Are anti-bacterial and have been proven to destroy bacteria of malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases
  • Destroy intestinal worms
  • Act as an excellent nerve sedative
  • Prevent and treat many infections

  • Hasten wound healing
  • Help digestion and remove constipation
  • Lower high fevers
  • Is good for the teeth and bones
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Purify the liver
  • Are good for urinary tract infections, high uric acid problems (like arthritis and rheumatism) and reducing kidney and intestinal disorders
  • Can relieve minor symptoms of ailments like asthma, tonsillitis and colds
  • Are believed to dissolve gall stones, relieve hiccups and treat malaria
  • Can be used externally to treat nose bleeds, gum bleeding, clears acne and eczema, removes blackheads, lightens freckles, prevents sunburns, acts as an antiseptic when used on wounds and minimizes wrinkles
  • When mixed with petroleum jelly, it is effective against chapped lips, and as a highly concentrated balm, it can be used as a lotion to break fevers (by encouraging the body to perspire) and to treat coughs and colds, hay fever, menstrual cramps, dizziness, headaches and high blood pressure

Lemons even help the mind and soul! Their scent has been found to calm anxieties, clear the mind, center focus and help induce sleep. Need to improve memory storage and recall? Get some lemon balm and slather your lips!

The only warning I found was to dilute the lemon juice when ingesting. Direct contact with the citric acid thins tooth enamel.

So what do you think, Readers? Can you have too many lemons?

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