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Can Dentures Cause Malnutrition?

written by Guest Blogger October 24, 2013

Even if you don’t wear dentures, chances are there’s someone you know and love that does. This is actually a very important guest post by Dana Smith that has brought to my attention that someone I love may need some info and a visit to the dentist for their dentures!

There are many adults who are suffering from malnutrition and the cause for this is something non-impressive, if not shocking, ill fitting dentures. Dentures are mainly used as replacements for teeth that have been used either naturally or because of other reasons. Natural loss of teeth because of age is mainly referred to as pustiso.

Types of Teeth Dentures

There are two kinds of teeth dentures and among them include: removable dentures and fixed dentures. Removable dentures can be detached from the gums but the fixed teeth denture will be permanently part of your oral makeup. The fixed version is more costly than the removable ones, but gives a natural feeling and impression even though they are synthetic products.

The reasons why people resort to dentures are quite diverse and while some of them are quite useful, there is a few which could cause irreparable harm to your teeth. There are various reasons why people would prefer dentures and while some of them are useful, a few could eventually harm the teeth.

But did you know that one of the causes of adult malnutrition is dentures? As a matter of fact, a denture which is not well fitted has been attributed to reduced ability to take in the amount of food which the body requires to remain healthy. So if you notice your grandparents getting thinner by the day, you should consider having their dentures checked.

Misconceptions Could Lead to Malnutrition

Dentures Spokane WA stresses about the importance of having your dentures replaced before five years of using them elapses. The problem with many people is that they think when they go to the dentist to get dentures installed; it will last for a very long time. Dentists say that there is a higher probability for them changing their size when used for five years without changing it. And because the size will not be fitting perfectly well, it will be very uncomfortable for the user.

This is indeed one of the key reasons why elderly persons could get malnourished. Whenever the elderly aren’t comfortable with the dentures they wear, their appetite will go down considerably. Also, when elderly persons cannot chew food, there are likelihoods that this will call malnourishment. When food is not digested properly, the body will not be able to ingest the nutrients properly. Also, once old people wear dentures, they will be preoccupied with worries that they will not be able to chew food properly and this state of mind may affect them negatively.

Tips for Persons without Dentures

Fitting dentures is costly and could also hinder you from eating your food properly. This makes it important to take proper advice on how best to take care of your teeth. If a person exercises good hygiene when young, he or she will not find it necessary to wear dentures during old age. It’s important to visit your Spokane dentist on a regular basis that will evaluate your teeth and carry out cleaning procedures. Moreover, a dentist is able to provide other useful advice which will assist to keep your teeth in good condition.

About the Author

Dana Smith is a Niche writer and blogger, who loves to write on trending topics and share her personal experiences and knowledge through her writing. She is a health enthusiast, so she loves to share health, dental hygiene and personal care related tips through her blogs. She believes you don’t have to be a doctor or physician or even a health trainer for this, life is the biggest teacher and best learning is through experiences. So, she shares her views and tips time to time. Dana has 15 years of experience in the writing field and belongs to a family of dentists.

After reading this guest post, has it got you thinking about someone who may need this information? 

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