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Build Muscles With These Surprisingly High-Protein Substitutes

written by Guest Blogger July 10, 2014

Are you bored with the protein you use in your regular diet? Check out today’s guest post by Carol, a diet specialist, who provides a list of 5 unusual protein options to spice up your life!¬†

It’s no surprise that when most body builders are looking to up their intake of protein they resort to traditional protein sources from beef, lamb or chicken. But if you are looking to add some variety to your diet or you might be interested in knowing more about additional protein substitutes, here are some surprising muscle building foods that you would not have thought about earlier to¬†include in your diet.

  1. Load up on clams. Clams are considered to be an excellent source of protein, and what’s more, it also provides high amounts of vitamins C and iron. In fact, one small portion of clams contains more than half of the recommended daily intake of iron and vitamins C. Moreover, it does not require expert skills to prepare them; they can be just tossed on the grill over high heat until they begin to pop and are ready to eat.
  2. Lobster feast. Lobsters are very good sources of protein, whether consumed in or out of the shell. Perceived to be far lower in fat content than beef or pork, lobster meat is additionally beneficial for the body, as it also offers a healthy dose of calcium. The best way to prepare lobster is to cut it in half, lengthwise, while it is still alive. The juices from the lobster must be drained and reserved while brushing the lobster meat and cracked shell with butter or olive oil. This side that has been cut should be placed on a very hot grill for approximately 3 minutes and should be flipped while pouring the reserved juices on the top. A further grill for another 5 minutes can help in caramelising the meat and rendering it more flavour. Add in lobsters as part of your protein building diet.
  3. Healthy venison. If you thought that chicken breast had the lowest amount of calories among all forms of meat, you might want to think again. Venison or deer meat has lesser calories than even chicken breast but loads up on twice the amount of iron than even beef can offer. The best way of preparing venison is to marinate it in either garlic infused olive oil or in red wine before setting it off on the grill. Lean meats such as venison is best consumed when medium rare and hence grilling it for approximately 4 to 5 minutes on each side over high heat is recommended.
  4. Ostrich over beef. Another popular protein substitute that is not only low in calories and fat but also contains a large amount of iron is ostrich meat. This long necked bird is hugely popular in certain parts of the world and is considered a delicacy just like venison. Ostrich meat can be the drizzled or marinated in olive oil and can be grilled over high heat, for just about 4 minutes each side to be had as a side dish.
  5. Swordfish for better strength. A heart healthy protein option, swordfish is highly prized by fishermen and sailors and is usually considered to be the ultimate sailing trophy. A portion of swordfish, although contains the same amount of calories as chicken or beef, offers high amounts of omega-3 fats which is very good for the heart. The best way to consume swordfish is to brush the meat with olive oil on top and spritz it with fresh lemon juice. It can be cooked on a very hot grill for over 3 minute each side under high heat.


About the Author

Carol is a diet specialist, writes primarily on subjects concerning food and diet. Her particular interest is in Garcinia Cambogia 3000, which assists in reducing weight.

What do you think of these protein sources? Which ones have you tried or can’t wait to try?

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