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Bodacious Beach Bod Series: Step #5

written by Head Health Nutter April 15, 2008

The feeling of freedom comes in different forms and from various sources. When I got rid of 25lbs in 3 months last year, I felt free. The excess weight that had been weighing me down physically, mentally and emotionally was gone! I was a brand new person. The same happened when I decided to stop smoking (4th time’s a charm), and this burden lifted as I broke free from nicotine.

The last few weekends I’ve spent some time spring cleaning and decluttering . It’s so refreshing to know that everything in my closet fits me perfectly and will be worn! I refused to keep clothes that were too big…`just in case’. No way! That’s a lurking negative belief ready to pounce. There’s no going back – only forward.

Besides the mental and emotional freedom of decluttering, the financial benefits if you sell the stuff and the efficient living effects from an organized environment, there are very real physical benefits to spring cleaning.

Step #5 to your Beach Bod: Detoxify your Environment

DID YOU KNOW? There are generally 3 to 4 times more dangerous pollutants and particles inside our homes than outside! Indoor air quality is an often overlooked health contributor. If you want to reduce your exposure to toxins, air out your home as much as possible. Authors Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen of YOU: Staying Young suggests at least once a week even in the summer and winter months.

This makes total sense considering that our homes nowadays are more airtight, we use poisonous products to freshen, clean and disinfect them, plus we’re spending more time indoors. The following are a few of the many ways to detoxify your home and decrease your exposure to toxins:

  1. Wash your hands as soon as you come home.
  2. Leave your shoes at the door.
  3. Use nontoxic products (based in alcohol, peroxide, vinegar or baking soda) to scrub.
  4. Use natural alternatives (natural oils, alcohol and oxygen-based cleaners.
  5. Use biodegradable and non-toxic dish detergent.
  6. Use woodchips instead of moth balls.
  7. Dilute bleach.
  8. Regular house cleaning controls pests & odours – no need to buy toxic products!
  9. Filter your drinking water.
  10. Use deodorant instead of antiperspirant.
  11. Use ceramic, glass, paper towel or waxed paper to microwave – avoid nuking plastic.
  12. Use dishtowels that you bleach every week – avoid sponges.
  13. Reduce canned food consumption.
  14. Air out your dry cleaning.
  15. Learn about heavy metal load, toxicity, cleansing and nutritional requirements.
  16. Protect pillows and beds from the bed bugs and their poo with 1-micron pore material.

These and other environmental detox suggestions are a small part of The YOU Extended Warranty Plan, a complete and holistic health plan found in Part II of You: Staying Young . I highly recommend this book! It’s super easy to read and understand, as the authors use silly and entertaining metaphors and illustrations to educate.

Let’s end this post with a few bonus tips that will help you detoxify your environment so you can free yourself from the burden of the past and start fresh!

1) Start decluttering the big stuff. The human eye likes space; the mind craves simplicity as it is often our way to calmness. If this de-stressing technique interests you, check out my favourite blog, Zenhabits.org . In the meantime, scale down your environment and create some space. Got some gym equipment you haven’t used in a year? Take a pic, write up an ad and sell it on Craig’s List or eBay . Other big tickets items may include TVs, appliances and furniture.

2) Plan in steps. Whether you go from top to bottom, front to back, biggest spaces to smallest spaces, create a plan that’ll work for you. Just don’t fool yourself and think you can get rid of 10 years of junk out of a 5 person household in a weekend. I like have a flexible spring cleaning schedule with prioritized list of tasks. `Must-do’ tasks include cleaning out the fridge and oven while decluttering my junk drawer is still important, I’d rather go for a walk.

3) Do what you want to do, when you want. There’s really no point in doing something you don’t want to do. Challenge is good for the soul while force gets you only partial results. The real mental and emotion cleansing benefits come from the journey, which leads us to the next tip…

4) Make it fun! Come on, grab a beer or whatever you fancy most and put on the tunes! Get your family involved. Or invite a friend over to help you rationally decide what can go and forever sever those emotional attachments! Consider it functional fitness and really work those muscles! Plan to order in that night, maybe pizza, because the last thing you will want to do is cook and cleanup after cleaning all day. Plan to treat yourself in other ways when your spring cleaning bonanza is done, like a manicure, a new CD or a week’s vacation.

I hope you’ve found step #5 in getting a Bodacious Beach Bod in Time for Summer helpful. If you did, Check out the rest of the series:

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Do you spring clean and declutter? If so, how does it make you feel? For those who don’t see spring cleaning in the same way, what are your thoughts and experiences?

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