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Bodacious Beach Bod Series: Step #4

written by Head Health Nutter April 10, 2008

Two hottie Toronto personal trainers were featured in an article in this past Monday’s Metro. They’ve trained the likes of Miss Universe Canada , actors, Maple Leaf players, supermodels and world boxing champions. You know what they had to say about health and fitness?

“Fix your nutrition. The rest will fix itself,” says one blond, buff brother. The other Adonis says, “Nutrition is paramount. It is almost 80 per cent of the equation for performance and weight loss.”

If you haven’t heard it before, you are what you eat and so this brings us to…

Step #4 to your Beach Bod: Eat Nutritious Food

If you’re just tuning in now to the series, check out step 3 which also provides links to steps 1 and 2 , as well.

So what’s a nutritious diet NOT? According to the Metro article, anything white will only harm your body; that is, white bread, pasta, potatoes (I don’t totally agree with this one!) and sugars. Dairy (again, maybe while you’re trying to lose weight but organic dairy is chocked full of good nutrients…) and fatty foods are also on the No-No list.

What’s on the yes list? Here, I totally agree with what the Hot Tamale Smit Brothers say when they rhyme off: leafy greens, fruits, sweet potatoes, brown rice and legumes as the most nutrient-rich and caloric-deficient foods. They also say that good fats are essential to good nutrition, but choose those from fish, grape seed, almonds and uncooked olive oil. Avocados are also great but high in calories so a little should go along way.

Check out Canada’s food guidelines for a more comprehensive guide to nutrition – and while you’re there, why not peruse the other health information on healthy habits and fitness?

A Cool Test to Measure Health

What if you come across a meal or a food where you can’t remember whether or not it’s good for you? Well, have I got a neat little test for you! I came across it just last night and it’s a self-exam version of a kinesiology muscle test that was the basis of my favourite book, Power vs. Force!

Here’s Stephanie from backinskinnyjeans.com showing us her strength test (I can’t WAIT to start using it!):

So – does it work for you or what?

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