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Bodacious Beach Bod Series: Step #1

written by Head Health Nutter March 31, 2008

“The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn’t like to do.” Thomas Edison

Edison had something here, but there’s more to it than this success equation suggests. Like those who fail, most successful people also dislike what they make a habit of…at first. What truly sets them apart is they find a way to enjoy it .

They’ve found the secret to turning difficult into easy . Habits are easy because they are default behaviour. They become second nature only through repetition but it’s against human nature to repeatedly do something that causes you pain, either mentally, emotionally or physically.

Successful people find the positive in what they have to do and focus on that. They know that if they persevere, they will succeed…and if they’re actually enjoying what they do – how can they fail? They also know that while change is uncomfortable at first, it only lasts awhile until they get used to it.

Step #1 to your Beach Bod: A Commitment

So you want to change. You have a belief that being healthy will give you the strength to enjoy life fully now, extend your lifetime and leave you a vibrant senior. No problem. Knowing the difference between successful people and those who fail, you can start NOW in making healthy living a habit. All you need is a commitment to yourself and you will evoke change.

Make a promise to be good to yourself everyday. Healthy living is the BEST and single most effective means of showing you that you love yourself. When you love someone, don’t you want to take care of them? It’s because you know intuitively that when you take care of something, whether it’s a car, house, plant, mate or child, it’ll last longer! So why not give yourself the same consideration?

Health is easy: feed your body prime fuel and burn it off with activity. This is what all children, animals and healthy individuals crave!

So right this second, why don’t you make a commitment to yourself that you will do something everyday to start leading a healthier lifestyle?


  1. Every day. To make healthy living long-lasting, you’ve got to make it into a habit. This means doing some form of activity and eating something healthy everyday.
  2. Choose healthy alternatives that you enjoy. This is a biggie if you want to make healthy living a habit. If you like walking, choose that. If you can make walking more enjoyable with company, then find a friend who likes to walk. Make healthy living work for you.
  3. Forgive yourself. You don’t have to be perfect. If you slip up, that’s cool. Just don’t make it an excuse to give up…loose a few battles but win the war.
  4. Guard your commitment fiercely. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. Make you and your health your number one priority. Because really, how can you lead a full life, or care for others, if you don’t have the energy? Try implementing your health plan first thing in the morning so no matter how the day pans out, you’ve fulfilled your promise.
  5. Start small. Canada’s healthy living guide suggests at least 30 minutes of activity a day. So that’s what I did, I promised to get outside and walk for at least a half an hour every day. But for you, it could be adding a single fruit or vegetable to every meal or taking the stairs rather than the escalator. Make it more challenging when you get bored.
  6. Don’t rush. Enjoy the journey! It’s amazing what you miss when you rush. When I walked my minimum 30 minutes, I slowed my mind down and enjoyed Nature. I listened to the birds, saw flowers I didn’t know existed, felt the bark on trees and even met a few people (and their dogs) in my neighbourhood.

These 6 tips are sure to help you make healthy living a habit. Do you have any suggestions that might help others fulfill their commitment?

Commitment evokes change. A lifelong promise to take good care of yourself is Step #1 in the Bodacious Beach Bod Series. Stay tuned for Step #2, Building Core Strength.

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