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Boast a Bikini Body This Summer

written by Guest Blogger March 15, 2012

It`s not too late! We all still have time to get our bodies ready for the beach. Spring is next week – time for new beginnings and cleaning house, including our bodies. Here`s a guest post by blogger, Latasri, with a few healthy living tips to help us get ready for the summer sun! 

Winters have hardly been kind to weight-watchers. And before we can count the damage done, summer sets in and brings the challenge to pose in a swim suit post all the weight gain. What follows then is do-or-die crash diets and relentless hours at the gym.


However, the magic takes longer and your much awaited beach trip is now a nightmare.

It`s time to take a different approach and boast that perfect body this summer. Instead of continuing this vicious cycle, let`s take up a weight loss plan that can bring changes in you that will last all through the year without starving on fad diets.

Here’s how to gear up for summer:

1) Choose Wise

The secret to all kind of weight loss is to choose health over foods and taste or comfort. A salad over burger and fries and fruits over processed snacks will make your weight loss lot easier. Summer is a bonus to help choose wise because most of the high-calorie, heavy dishes seem least enticing. The perk of a wise summer diet is also that the less calorie foods are also the best weight loss intakes.

2) Gorge on Nature’s Bounty

The best way to trim your extra pounds off in your summer diet is to pick up the best of what Nature has for us. Whether you’re on Weight watchers or any other diet plan, see to it that plenty of natural fibres are included. Most dieticians and experts say nothing can take care of your body and keep it trimmer and lighter in summers as much as fruits and vegetables can. Not only are these low in calories but are high on water content, vitamins and fibres.

3) Drink Right

Low or even no-calorie beverages are a hidden secret to ensure your summer weight loss plans cuts down weight the right way. However, you need to ensure you read the calories in the drink you choose. It is best to avoid the additional calories that keep piling with every sip by choosing healthy drinks that do not blow away your diet. Pick fruits juices without any sweeteners, and opt for drinks that do not have processed sugars.

4) Tame the Sweet Tooth with Fruits

Very few can refrain from desserts on summer vacations. And if one cannot ditch the high calorie bites in every meal, no weight loss plan is likely to work. So, the only option is to indulge into fruits based desserts in summer. Not only will this tame your sweet tooth but also pamper your moods that usually go for a toss while on a summer weight loss diet.

5) Don’t Give Up On Sweating It Out

Ensure that your summer weight loss plan does not kick out the regular burning out sessions. A healthy diet alone will not give you the washboard abs for your swimsuit. So, the right food and the jogger’s shoe is all you need to boast your perfect body this summer. Be assured you`ll get admiring glances from the opposite sex!

About the Author

As a health and fitness freak, Latasri makes available weight watchers coupon and Bistromd promotional code for fitness enthusiasts. She likes to share her views with fellow bloggers and also offers tips on diet, exercise and weight loss.

Another tip I`d like add is to hit the mat with some body-resistance exercises (like push-ups, the plank, etc.) and get your hand weights out. Building muscle helps increase your metabolism so you`re burning more calories even at rest. Do you have a tip to add to this beach body building list?   

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Robin March 22, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Hi Latasri

Thanks for sharing this article on tips for how to lose weight for the summer. Many people rush to unhealthy ways of losing weight (over-exercising, diet pills etc.) that lead to negative consequences down the road. You are absolutely right – eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, instead of fast food, could have a huge impact in losing weight. A healthy diet, fixing internal balances and staying on track are all natural ways to losing weight effectively. Here is an article that describes these tips in more detail: http://www.swintegrativemedicine.com/blog/bid/118426/Phoenix-Weight-Loss-Dr-Gives-Tips I hope this further helps your readers to lose weight and get that beach body that they are yearning for.



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