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Best Practices For Achieving Better Brain Health

written by Guest Blogger May 5, 2013

Who wouldn’t want to boost brain power? Guest blogger, Steven Madison, has 6 very easy and practical ways to make your brain healthier. 

You probably already know that if you want to stay healthy, you need to make lifestyle adjustments. You need to eat healthier foods and engage in more exercise. Healthy lifestyles do not need to be difficult to live, but you do need to pay attention to your choices.

As much as this applies to keeping your body healthy, it also applies to keeping your brain healthy. If you want to stay sharp through your old age, or even just improve your memory, you should to take steps to ensure that that happens. Below are some best practices for achieving better brain health. Start implementing them today!

TIP #1 – Sleep at least eight hours every night.

You probably already know that you should be sleeping at least eight hours every night, but you might not realize what an impact sleep – or the lack thereof – has on your brain health. Getting a good night’s sleep is necessary for feeling sharp during the daytime. Not getting enough rest can lead to a drop in productivity and feelings of mental and physical fatigue. So hit the hay earlier tonight than you did last night!

TIP #2 – Play more brain games.

If you have seen your friends playing Sudoku but never understood the point, grab a pencil and a newspaper and get started. Sudoku is a fun game that will improve your brainpower, and even though it uses numbers, you don’t need to be a math whiz to play it. It’s available on phones, in newspapers, or on social media. Try other games like Scrabble and Boggle, too.

TIP #3 – Tell more stories.

A common therapy for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, storytelling is good for everyone trying to improve their memories. So start telling more stories to your friends – you will get better at it as you go, and find that you are more entertaining than you ever realized. Try writing some down or even just telling them to your own reflection.

TIP #4 – Spend more time exercising.

Keeping your brain healthy also means keeping your physical body healthy. After all – your brain is part of your physical body. If you are bored with the treadmill at the gym, try keeping things interesting by going for a hike outdoors or playing a game of basketball with friends. Staying physically fit will benefit you in a lot of ways, and exercising will help you sleep better at night, further improving your brain health!

TIP #5 – Eat more brain food.

There are a lot of foods that you can eat to boost your brain power. Start by cutting down on greasy foods like potato chips and eating more health food like salad. Next, eat less red meat in favor of more healthy sources of protein like fish. Purple fruits and vegetables like blueberries and eggplant have also been shown to improve brain functioning.

TIP #6 – Try meditating and finding your inner peace.

If you think meditation is just for shamans and hippies sitting in temples with their legs crossed, think again. Meditation has been proven to cut stress and improve your brainpower. Stress is one of the biggest hindrances to our brain’s health and our bodies, so meditating is an easy, accessible, cost-free way to prevent it and everything that comes along with it.

About the Author

Steven Madison is a writer specializing in brain and bone health among other health related and educational topics. Steven is a writer on Anatomy Now’s site.

To help with my brain food, I take good quality Omegas. Do you have a suggestion for how you like to improve your brain health?

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