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Health Benefits of Raw Mangoes

written by Guest Blogger March 8, 2015

We’ve blogged about mangoes before (check out: King of the Fruit and Calling All Mango Lovers) but today’s guest blogger, Rakesh, shares with us new information! At the end of the post, we share some great ways to get mango into your diet… 

When summer rolls around, everyone talks about mangoes. Say mangoes and your mouth starts watering. If you miss eating mangoes when they’re in season, then you’ll miss the best healthy home remedies!

Heaps of mangoes will be seen as soon as the first shower of rain commences the marking of the right time for ripe and juicy mangoes. There are plenty of varieties of mangoes (about 500 are known). Among these about 35 varieties are extensively cultivated. Each has its own specialty and marks their place of origin.

Everyone loves ripe mangoes but the pre-ripened form (i.e. raw) is healthy and delicious, too. It has its own values and benefits. The raw mangoes are dark green in color and taste very sour. They are mainly used for preparing pickles and fresh raw mango juice, jams, chutneys, sauces and as dried powder.

The raw mangoes have a lot of nutritional value and are loaded with vitamin C and B. The presence of oxalic acid, citric acid, succinic and malice acid gives it the sour taste. It also contains pectin.

Here are a few special qualities of raw mangoes:

  • Raw mangoes, due to the presence of the enzymes, are excellent tendering agents for marinading many food items.
  • During the summer, many people suffer from diarrhea, abdominal distress, indigestion and dyspepsia. Raw mangoes are highly effective in alleviating these conditions. One home remedy mango recipe: chop one raw mango and add salt and honey.
  • To overcome heat stroke, raw mango juice mixed with sugar helps to combat the dehydration and quenches your thirst. It thereby helps to retain sodium chloride concentration in the body.
  • The presence of vitamin C helps to cure cases of scurvy.
  • Blood disorders are also dealt with the consumption of raw mangoes. It increases the blood vessel elasticity and prevents bleeding tendency.
  • The vitamin C helps to improve the immune system.

A simple and easy way to take a raw mango is to prepare a fresh exotic juice. It is both sweet and sour to taste. Take grated raw mango and cook it with some jaggery and water for about five minutes. Add some cumin seeds and black pepper to it. Some rock salt can be added to enhance the taste further. Now strain and chill it.

Now when summer rises to its peak and drains you of energy, you are ready to fight back!

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Rakesh .k is passionate about writing articles related to health. He uses research on the best healthy living methods. Most of his articles focus on health problems and natural remedies. His intention is to spread the healthy living word!

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Here are a few healthy mango recipes (besides the 2 articles in the introduction):

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