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Benefits of Psychotherapy for Depression

written by Guest Blogger April 7, 2013

Everyone experiences the blues from time-to-time, and some of us can even lapse into minor depression. Whether you have a chemically-imbalanced form of depression or having a hard time coping with life at the moment, you just might benefit from today’s guest post by Ray Lehigh.  

Depression is a clinical disorder which is characterized by being in a constant state of negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, irritability and sadness. There are many treatments for depression, including medication. However, doctors have found that a combination of medication and psychotherapy is most effective in treating depression.

Psychotherapy treatment consists of having regular counselling sessions with an experienced therapist in order to help patients cope better with the stresses of everyday lives.

There are various benefits of psychotherapy including:

  1. It can help patients find a new and positive way of looking at things: When we speak to someone else about our problems, we can gain new insight into life by learning from others’ experiences. Sometimes patients suffering from depression need help in looking at things from another perspective. The way they look at life and its problems may be one of the factors causing depression and anxiety-related disorders. Therefore, learning to see things from a different angle can help alleviate some of the negativity.
  2. It helps when we talk about our problems out loud to a third party: Often our problems stem from our relationships with our friends or family members. Therefore when we are depressed or upset, we cannot find a neutral outlet to vent some of the negativity inside us. Psychotherapy helps patients in such situations by allowing them to talk to a non-judgmental person with whom they can share all their issues.
  3. There are no side effects, as with depression medication: Anti-depressants often cause many side-effects, such as loss of sexual desire, an increase or decrease in appetite, inability to sleep, change in bowel movements, palpitations, etc. However, with psychotherapy, there are no side effects at all. In fact, psychotherapy sessions can also sometimes help patients deal with the adverse effects of depression medications.
  4. It can help prevent the situation from getting worse: There are usually no physically manifested symptoms associated with depression. In addition, medications often take very long to have any sort of effect. Therefore, if a particular medication isn’t helping a patient, it can be quite difficult to tell for a very long time. Meanwhile, in severe cases the patient’s condition may be deteriorating. With psychotherapy, since there is human interaction, an experienced counselor will be able to diagnose whether a patient is responding well to treatment and improving or not. The patient’s medication may be altered according to their progress, and so can the psychotherapy sessions.
  5. Psychotherapy is essential in patients with suicidal tendencies: As mention above, traditionally, depression medications take some time in showing any positive effects on the patient. If a patient suffers from suicidal tendencies, its vital that a psychotherapist is aware of this condition, and can immediately notify the patient’s friends or family members in order to alert them to be cautious.

The best treatment for depression is a combination of medication and psychotherapy. Each method supplements the other and helps make it more effective in the treatment of clinical depression.

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