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Beef vs Chicken: Best Muscle-Building Protein?

written by Guest Blogger January 25, 2013

Do you feel like chicken or beef tonight? Maybe this guest post by Jefferey Morgan will help you decide.

Many health fanatics and bodybuilders alike pursue the answer to,`Which is the best protein food?’ The purest form of protein is best consumed in its isolate form and is  easily digestible.

Chicken is renowned to be one of the relatively easy digestible proteins. However, beef has also been highly ranked as one of the best protein foods around. How easy is beef to digest, though?

Beef vs Chicken

Chicken is well-recognized as a good protein food for muscle building and is consumed by many fitness professionals as well as ace bodybuilders. Likewise, several athletes and sportsmen across the world have idolized the significance of chicken in their diet. This is primarily because chicken is easily digestible and acts as a energy booster without many carbohydrate contents. As such, most of the professionals who want to maintain or attain a lean body opt for chicken in their day-to-day diet regime.

Beef, on the other hand, contains a good amount of protein but does not work well with many people on a lean body diet. Beef contains sufficient amount of creatine and carbohydrates which makes one’s body beefed up and bulky. This is why it’s recommended mostly to those who have a hard time building muscle.

Beef certainly could appeal to fitness buffs who want a change in their diet from the everyday lean protein chicken breasts or tuna salads. Because of beef’s significant amount of creatine, it aids bodily protein metabolism and red blood cell production, leading to the production of lean muscle tissue.

On the other hand, too much beef can make one’s face look puffed due to the water retention caused by the amounts of creatine in it. Those who praise beef often suggest choosing specifically grass-fed beef to avoid this physical affect.

The round cuts of beef are said to be the best cuts available in the market space for a lean body diet. Though, it’s important to know whether your beef is grass-fed or grain-fed. A highly debatable subject altogether, however, most suggest grass-fed beef to be superior to grain-fed beef in relation to enhance one’s lean body regimen. Grass-fed beef contains omega 3 fatty acids much higher than the grain-fed beef and which makes it optimal for one’s comparative nutrition intake.

Where does chicken stand in the race?

grilled-chickenEight ounces of chicken contains 273 calories, whereas 8 ounces of beef has 349 calories.

The total fat content in chicken is negligible as compared to that in beef. Among the 6 g fat content in chicken, the saturated fat content is a mere 2 g. Whereas in beef, a total of 17 g fat can be traced and out of which 7 g can be seen to be saturated.

However, chicken exceeds in cholesterol levels as compared to the levels found in beef. In chicken, the total cholesterol levels are 140 mg wherein its contents in beef are a mere 113 mg.

Beef exceeds in potassium levels to a far greater extent than the levels as found in chicken in comparison. In chicken, potassium levels are 423 mg as compared to the 828 mg of potassium found in 8 ounces of beef.

However, the protein contents in chicken are 52 g, a small percentage higher as compared to the 46 g found in 8 ounces of beef.

In a nutshell, as to whether to include beef or chicken in one’s diet is a matter of one’s preference as well as dietary goals. It may be optimal for one to have an ideal combination of both in their day-to-day health regimen.

About the Author

This post is authored by Jefferey Morgan. He is a regular blogger and a content writer. He purchased lone mountain wagyu for his family dinner at this New Year.

What are your thoughts about the chicken vs. beef question?

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