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Beauty & Style Tips for Expressing Your Personal Brand

written by Guest Blogger March 18, 2015

How about something a little different here on LiveLighter? Here’s a guest post by blogger, Emma Sturgis, that may help us communicate to the world what we look like on the inside!

No matter where you are in your life or what type of career you’re in, you’re your own brand. Everywhere you go, you represent who you are, what you like, what you stand for, and more. Follow these tips for making your style reflect your person brand.

Figure Out What You Want to Say to the World

Sure, you want to make your style match your personal brand, but first you have to figure out exactly what your personal brand is. An image consultant who received their Public Relations degree online says your personal branding should always reflect both your perception of yourself and how you want others to perceive you. Write down the words that describe your brand. Are you a wild risk taker? Are you serious and focused? Are you down-to-earth? Use these words to guide your style choices.

Bring Out Your Unique Qualities

What sets you apart from other people? Is it that you’re taller than most women, that you have a unique eye color, that you can wear your hair either curly or straight? Highlight these features – they’re what will make you identifiable and different from the rest. Pick clothing that flatters your height, wear eye makeup that makes your eyes pop, smooth your hair one day and let it go wild and natural the rest, etc.

Play Around With Color

Different colors evoke different emotions and responses. The colors you choose to wear on the outside should reflect who you feel you are on the inside, plus the face you want to present to the world. Do you want to come across as fun and cheerful? Wear bright colors and bold prints. Do you want to present yourself as business-minded, practical and professional? Black and white may be your preferred color scheme.

Pick a Signature Style

You don’t have to be branded from head to toe, but pick one or two looks that you can call your own and that make you feel like you! Whether it’s hair in a bold hue, bright red nails and lipstick, stacked jewelry on your wrists and fingers, or a layered look year-round, choose it and own it. Having something that’s a go-to style will help you define your look and your personal brand. Plus, it makes it easy to get ready in the morning!

However you choose to reflect your brand in your style, make sure you’re staying true to who you are. The more authentically you present yourself, the more comfortable you’ll feel. People will view you as a genuine representation of your true self, not a copy of somebody else.

About the Author

Emma is a freelance writer living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on health and education. Say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2.

What do you do to your appearance to communicate with others who and what you are on the inside?

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