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Beat The Winter Blues With These Top Tips!

written by Guest Blogger September 12, 2012

The mere mention of winter is enough to depress some people and while we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, you’ve probably noticed the days are getting shorter. So here’s guest blogger, Zoe, to help us prepare for our natural defense against the winter blues.

While summer is a time of lightness and happiness, the onset of the winter months often brings about a feeling of heaviness. The nights draw in earlier, the mornings are darker, the weather is both colder and wetter, and the gloom and doom generally feels as though it’s going to last forever.

It is no surprise that that the incidence of depression is higher in the gloomier winter months, but whether a seasonally-affected sufferer or not, everyone can benefit from these tips designed to bring warmth and happiness back into even the coldest souls.


Sleeping is one of the best ways to beat the winter blues. Getting enough sleep generates energy to bounce rather than sleepwalk through the day; it also allows the body to recharge itself and remain on red alert to fight off bugs.

Creating a good environment in which to rest is one of the best ways to encourage better sleep and thus better health overall. A warm, cosy bedroom, possibly with natural, sleek pine bedroom furniture and no electronic or computing equipment is best. A bath before bedtime, possibly with some natural oils and soft, clean bedding and nightclothes all add to the sense of calm and relaxation that is most likely to lead to a good night’s sleep.

Taking time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life is a top tip to help overcome winter blues. Reading a book, listening to music or going for a crisp country walk while wrapped up against the elements are three common things recommended to people struggling with the darkness of winter, although most people will have their own personal favourites that help them to bounce back from low times.

Think yourself happy

Positive thinking is another useful trick, as it enables people to improve their focus on all that is good in their lives in an attempt to reset their internal clock and feelings away from doom and gloom. This could involve thinking of all the things they have to be joyous about, such as family or maybe a new niece, nephew or grandchild on the way, or a more general reflection on some of the terrible things happening in the world in order to get some perspective about the reality of their own lives.

Another tip is to consciously override the desire to stay in bed all day or hit the snooze button one more time in favour of doing something that was planned but now seems like too much of an effort. Getting up and about, going out for that run or just factoring in extra time that means the start of the day does not have to be a manic rush can all end up having a positive effect on both the day and the mood of the day.

Getting more physical in terms of doing more exercise is also a known mood booster, so that early morning run could end up being beneficial in more ways than one.

About the Author

This guest post has been written and contributed by Zoe, a twenty-something UK freelance writer. Zoe is writing for Archers Sleep Centre to promote the health benefits of a great night’s sleep.

If you tend to experience a decrease in mood during the winter months, there are TONS of natural 0ptions rather than resort to medication. Please take 2 minutes to read Naturally Cure the Winter Blahs for more ideas!

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