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Questionable Substitutes: The Dangers behind Using Artificial Sweeteners in Your Diet

written by Guest Blogger September 25, 2014

Have you heard the artificial sweetener controversy? If you’re wondering about it, then read today’s guest article by Dixie Somers. 

Sugar. It is a buzzword that has plagued the media and health-nuts alike. Since we know an over-indulgence of sugar is bad, companies have wracked their brains and laboratories to create sweeteners that add sweetness to the food or beverage without spiking sugar levels. Thus, the popularity of artificial sweeteners have boomed since they are viewed as a way to get your sugar fix without actually consuming sugar. Yet, all is not as it appears. Often times, these chemical remedies can cause more problems than they fix.

Keep reading to learn about the dangers that artificial sweeteners pose to those who are looking for a loophole for sugar intake.

Weight Gain
There is evidence to support increased weight gain related to artificial sweeteners. Although the fake sugar does produce an insulin effect, it does not increase the blood sugar either. This then triggers abnormally low blood sugar which leads to overeating during the next meal. This is a rather ironic effect since most people use artificial sweeteners to avoid gaining weight from real sugar, however, due to the overeating caused by low blood sugar following artificial sugar intake, you will slowly but surely gain weight.

Both saccharin and aspartame are linked to the development of cancer, namely bladder cancer. This happens because the sugar substitute forms a precipitate in urine that then damage the cells lining the bladder. As they regrow to try and heal the wound, a tumor forms. If a lot of saccharin or aspartame is being consumed daily, it is harder for the damaged cells to regrow properly.

Methanol Poisoning
Because these fake sugars are produced through the combination of various chemicals, it makes sense that certain components are not good for the human body. Aspartame, for instance, is methyl ester which is turned into methanol, a well-known toxin used in paint remover. Even in small doses, it affects the nervous system which eventually leads to issues in the respiratory system, blood and eyes.

Taste Reception
Evidence is also coming forward that artificial sweeteners overstimulate the taste buds. Eventually they are altered to the point where fruits are less sweet and vegetables are absolutely disgusting. Additionally, according to the dental professionals in Red Deer at the Parkland Mall Dental Centre, the faux sweeteners will keep you continually eating foods and drinking highly acidic beverages that are terrible for the teeth.

Type 2 Diabetes
Oddly enough, the reason many people switch to diet sodas and fake sugar is to avoid diabetes, yet a study that reviewed diet soda intake and type 2 diabetes across various ethnicities showed a correlation of the rise of the disease with the consumption of diet soda. Like weight gain, this is another ironic effect of artificial sweeteners—consumers are eating/drinking these product to avoid sugar, yet other side effects are just as serious as they are will real sugar.

Whether you are looking to lose weight or avoid the evils of sugar, turning to a fake sugar might mean that you are continuing to eat and drink things that are equally as bad for your body as regular sugar. If you are looking to create a healthier diet or to lose weight, ditching sugar altogether (or nearly altogether) is your safest bet.

There are likely some other less-than-healthy foods and habits in your diet that will make a difference once you discontinue eating or drinking them. Eating fruit is a great way to get a natural sugar fix, and avoid the chemicals. Just make sure you have all the facts about real sugar and artificial sweeteners before you indulge your sweet tooth and possibly damage your body more than you realize.

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Dixie Somers is a freelance writer from Arizona. You can find her on Google+.

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