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Are Weight Loss Boot Camps Worth the Money?

written by Guest Blogger August 24, 2012

My apologies to anyone taking offence to this cheezy, male libido-focused image… it was all I could find in my budget! lol Anywho, those of us considering a weight loss boot camp probably wishes at least a bit that we’d leave looking as fit as she does. Here’s guest blogger, Farah, handling a few misconceptions about weight loss boot camps.  


Perhaps you’ve had a friend or relative recommend a weight loss boot camp and thought to yourself, `sounds good, but is it really worth it?’

You might fear that it will be a couple of wasted weeks and dollars as you will have to come back down to earth at the end of it all. Your hectic routine that denies you the time for any form of exercise, let alone the time to cook a decent meal, will be waiting for you when you get back.

`It will just be a few days of hyperactivity that will have no lasting impact,’ you finally say.

But before you completely shelf the idea, here are some points to ponder based on doubts you may have about such programs:

Will weight loss boot camps improve my diet?

Let’s face it; one of the main reasons for those rolls of flab you’ve accumulated over the years is what you eat. And we both know that the only way to make significant strides in the battle against the bulge is to adopt and stick to a low-calorie diet.

`Will boot camp help me achieve this,’ you ask? Yes. At the camp you will have the opportunity to see how such a diet can work for you. And you will also find that healthy meals don’t have to be as tasteless as you think.

At boot camp you will have skilled chefs and dieticians at your disposal to help you overcome negative perceptions towards the right foods. And help you come up with a menu you can use to keep you eating healthy when you go back home.

Won’t the benefits of boot camp be short-lived?

This is a common notion that, funny enough, is the exact opposite of what boot camp is all about. Boot camp, to set the record straight, is designed to be a starting point, not a destination. It’s meant to be the place you acquire the right mentality to tackle your weight problem.

The exercise routines and food you eat there are meant to be a sample of the lifestyle you need to adopt to win the fight against those excess kilos.

So, far from being an excursion to give you a temporary high, boot camp is meant to be the place you develop a concrete plan that will help you continue shedding weight far beyond the life of the program.

What makes weight loss boot camps more effective than doing it alone?

The first thing boot camp does is free your mind from the shackles thrown on it by your hectic daily routine. This is why they are held in far out countryside locations. Immediately you get away from your daily routine and inhale the fresh, untainted air and feel reinvigorated.

Having left the office and the kids miles back, you will feel the stress easing away. You will then be able to focus on the fitness routines you will be introduced to and be surprised at how much you’re able to do with a clear mind.

On top of this you will find one or two friends who will provide you with moral support both during and after the camp. Having a friend to train with or just to check up on you by phone goes a long way to reinforcing your commitment to stay the distance.

About the Author

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I’ve never been to a weight loss boot camp before but from what Farah describes, it seems similar to the benefits of having a personal trainer (which I have tried). It’s all about kick-starting yourself into a healthy routine. Have you tried a weight loss boot camp? If you have, what did you discover by the time you left?

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