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Are Electronic Cigarettes Less Harmful than Regular Cigarettes?

written by Guest Blogger January 18, 2016

Are you trying to stop smoking by vaping instead? Before you run out to buy your e-cigarettes and their fillups, please read today’s guest article by blogger, Joel Desvignes, and determine whether or not vaping is healthier than smoking.

While an increasing amount of smokers are turning away from cigarettes in favour of vaping in order to soothe their nicotine cravings, recent research has shown that electronic cigarettes still have an impact on the vapers’ health. These claims come despite the fact that many are led to believe e-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes.

In principle, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes in the respect that they do not contain tobacco and therefore do not produce any tar. That means there is less of a chance the vaper will catch lung cancer or any other form of chronic lung disease as a direct consequence of inhaling electronic cigarette smoke.

However, recent studies published by the NHS in the UK, Penn State University and the Harvard Medical Journal in the US seem to suggest that it isn’t the actual vapour produced by electronic cigarettes that is harmful but the chemicals that are contained in the e-liquid.

E-liquids are made of liquid nicotine and sweeteners which are used by the food industry, these are: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and other flavourings. The fact is, propylene glycol is a viscous colourless liquid with a slightly sweet taste which is used as a preservative agent in the food industry and tobacco products. In e-liquid, propylene glycol is one of the agents which cause the liquid to vaporise.

The other main ingredient is vegetable glycerine or glycerol which like propylene glycol is a viscous, odourless liquid used in the food industry because it serves as a humectant, a solvent and a sweetener, as well as a preservative.

Both those elements as well as diacetyl (a chemical used for the flavouring of vaping-juices and to give microwave popcorn a buttery taste) are known to be the cause of what is called popcorn lung, a bronchiolitis obliterans which causes scaring on the lung which was contracted by workers handling diacetyl in popcorn factories.

Although electronic cigarette smoke does not contain as many chemicals as that of regular cigarettes, free radicals are formed when the coil heats the liquid nicotine in the tank. If you’re not already aware, it is free radicals that cause cancer.

Now that these findings have been revealed, the electronic cigarette industry cigarette manufacturers such as Kangertech will surely strive to make their products safer in order to reduce the risk of illness vapers are exposed to when puffing on an e-cigarette.

About the Author

Joel Desvignes is a Digital Marketing Executive for a full-service agency based in the UK. He sometimes writes about health issues relating to electronic cigarettes.

Do you smoke or vape? What are your thoughts on the subject?

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