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An O.C.D. Nightmare: Too Much Stuff & Not Enough Storage

written by Guest Blogger May 3, 2015

Come on, I know you’re not done spring cleaning yet! Are you having some difficulties? Even after all our spring cleaning tips? Well then you might enjoy today’s guest blogger, Jennifer Caughey, as she shares her experience and suggestions.

The O.C.D. Nightmare

Once birthdays and holidays wrap up, you’ll likely be left with a ton of stuff around the house, such as old toys, games, books and items for the kitchen. Don’t try to shove it all in the closet, basement or the garage. It just adds to the already existing clutter of your home and can create enormous stress and an O.C.D. nightmare. Remember, less is always more, especially when it comes to your own sanity.

When you have a decluttered living space, you’ll have fewer distractions and there will be less to trip on and this alone will give you a great piece of mind. Trust me, some of us go through this every year, and based on my personal experiences, the clutter drives me insane!

Since you can’t have a yard sale in spring rain, there is always the option to store all the old, unused toys until summer too or give them to the needy.

Too Much Stuff & Not Enough Space

Part of the challenge not only during special events and holidays, but all year round, is lugging out all of those seasonal items, decorations, wrapping paper, tableware or other items. Each year your stash grows larger and larger, and so does your O.C.D., as you find new items on sale and receive even more decorations and holiday gear as gifts. Don’t bother trying to store all of it in your home and take up your valuable space that could be better used for other items or to simply maintain clear and spacious walkways throughout your living space.

Lean on the professionals to clean your home and store all of your extra items that you can’t bear to part with or want to sell at your summer garage sale. Storage facilities are the perfect places to keep all of the items that you don’t use on a regular basis. Instead of storing those items in your cabinets, closets, basement or garage, you can keep them safe and sound in a secure unit.

Doing so will declutter your living space so that you can live in an efficient and clean manner. You’ll have more freedom of movement and you’ll find that your living environment is much more aesthetically pleasing without all of those boxes and bags in the way.

How to Get Organized Quickly

Ultimate organization can be time consuming, but these easy steps can help even the busiest people declutter quickly and dispose of the unnecessary eye sores and headaches:

  1. Get your family involved – Including the whole family can not only make organizing and decluttering fun, but it will also be much quicker than doing it yourself.
  2. Remove items you know you will never use again first – If you know you will never wear that dress, get rid of it now! Put in a box for storage until you have time for a yard sale. Use the 80/20 rule; if you haven’t worn it in a year the chances are, you never will.
  3. Separate valuables and keepsakes from memories – Sometimes it hard to differentiate between keepsakes and items that hold us back in life. If you pick up at item and it makes you feel sad, or bringing negative energy, it’s nothing but a malignant poison, sadly mistaken as a keepsake memory. It’s time to let go!
  4. Unclutter your horizontal spaces – It’s easy for people to place papers, food items, bills, etc. on flat surfaces. Doing so can cause your home to appear quite cluttered to the all-seeing eye of you and your visitors. Freeing this space will help to make your home appear larger and cleaner. It may be time to invest in a filing cabinet, pantry or bill holder, this will definitely help.

The clean & organized dream

Just imagine what your home would look like without all of that extra fluff out of the way, stored in a secure, temperature controlled space like, Public Storage a great facility for storage in Toronto. You’ll feel much less stressed and you’ll spend far less time looking around your home for items as all of that pesky clutter will be gone. It will be in a storage unit, and out of your hair, I’m sure you can you will have many sizes of unit to choose from in a close location to make it easily accessible when you have the time to tackle getting rid of it for good.

So don’t let all of your excess belongings take up your limited living space. Store them in a protected, temperature controlled storage space and you’ll feel a great weight lifted off of your shoulders. You’ll free up space and your mind and this open space can improve your Feng Shui. Life will be so much simpler when all of your clutter is out of sight and out of mind.

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About the Author

Jennifer Caughey is a freelance writer who likes to keep things tidy because she feels that organization is good for overall health and stress levels. She is an expert in finding home and external storage solutions when finding herself and her living space overtaken by junk. Jennifer has been writing about home improvement for several years and she is an expert when it comes to finding the right solutions or providers to suite her needs. Connect with Jennifer on Twitter.

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