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Alleviate Parental Stress – It’s Inevitable

written by Guest Blogger January 13, 2016

Parenting, or more specifically motherhood, along with the feelings of excitement, joy and immeasurable love, brings with it insurmountable levels of stress. You set out on a completely new journey of embracing the ups and downs of parenthood and learning to cope with the new responsibilities that you are bestowed with. Multi-tasking parents need to balance their professional and personal lives, which is an uphill task indeed.


While the male counterpart usually tends to stay out of home most of the time, it is the mothers who have to manage their time and stress levels. However, in the end the positive aspect of parenthood certainly overpowers the stressors and makes the experience worthwhile and memorable. No feeling in the world can be compared to cherishing the infancy moments with your child.

So embrace this change in your lifestyle, with a smile on your face and approach the parenting dilemmas with the perspective of a never-ending learning process.

1. Be open to advice and support

Being a new parent demands genuine advice from people who have experienced it before or experts on that matter. Having a supportive and understanding group of peers, colleagues, friends, relatives and family is a life saver. Having easy access to health and baby tips can greatly reduce stress and make the journey productive and enjoyable.

One way in which you can establish a support group is by keeping yourself open to advice and accepting a helping hand. There is no harm in learning how to go about things from others. Pregnant mothers and the time immediately after birth certainly cannot be spent without proper support. Be approachable and don’t show people who sympathize with you, a cold attitude. They don’t pity you; they are just trying to help. Come to terms with the fact, that it is but natural to undergo all this in the process of embracing parenthood.

While the nanny, a relative or a friend looks over your new-born baby, you can scoot away to get some fresh air, a leisurely walk and some alone time. Trust me it will do wonders for your mental and physical health. You need a break to get you going.

2. Nothing is more valuable than your child at the moment

Sometimes you need to go an extra mile to manage and alleviate your stress by making necessary arrangements that will assist you in coping with your new parenthood. This may mean enlightening yourself with the knowledge and guides to being a successful parent. Be careful not to incur a long term expense in an attempt to cut down costs in the short run. Sometimes, it’s okay to spend on things that will help you relax and relieve you of stress. Keep your spirits high and be sure to rejuvenate yourself time and again.

If you want 100% guaranteed results, you can even seek for support in children hospitals, schools, parenting groups and places of spirituality and worship where better pediatric health care of your children would be possible.

3. Eat, pray, sleep. Repeat.

Don’t compromise on life’s essentials, the most important being sleep. Sleep deprivation has been found to be a leading cause of stress. Inadequate sleep or disturbed sleep patterns may lead to extreme build up of stress that may greatly undermine your state of mind and your ability to function normally. This is of foremost priority when the responsibility of another innocent life is attached to yours.

To avoid chronic levels of stress, adopt a healthy sleeping pattern. Catch on the missed hours of sleep somehow, even if that means missing out on your favorite TV show. Sleep calms your soul and empowers you to do all the cumbersome tasks that accompany parenthood.

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