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Air Pollution: Cause for Concern

written by Guest Blogger August 17, 2011

Have you ever been downtown, breathed in muggy air and grimaced? Although too much time worrying about the quality of air you’re breathing in won’t help, guest blogger Amanda Kidd is here today to make us more aware of its dangers and suggests a few ways we can improve the situation.

Increasing air pollution is a threat to humans especially to those living in urban areas. Asthma patients are most sensitive to air pollution. This has been a topic of debate for many years as there was no specific evidence in support of this fact.

It was found that the polluted air contains elements like ozone and particulate matter that makes the condition worse for asthma patients, but scientists and researchers were unable to show proof of the correlation between the two. But there are reports which show that people residing in urban cities are more likely to suffer from asthma than those in rural areas.

On the basis of the Journal of Epidemilogy and Community Health, a recent report by Christian Nordqvist was published on the medical news website. It says that there is a relation between uncontrolled asthma attacks, long term exposure to particulate matter and ozone. According to this study if an asthma patient is exposed to long term ozone, he is 69% more likely to suffer from uncontrolled asthma and long term exposure to particulate matter increases its risk to 35%.

In the past many studies were done to show the correlation between air pollution and respiratory diseases. But this study is the first one to show the effect of long term exposure of air pollution on asthma patients. According to this study the scientists measured the content of O3 (Ozone), NO2 (Nitrous Oxide) and PM10 (Particulate matter) to which individuals were exposed in their respective areas. Then on the basis of symptoms, asthma attacks, lung function tests and hospitalizations, they measured the improvement in symptoms. The most affected were the women and older people.

Eventually the conclusion drawn by the researchers was that the high concentration of Ozone and particulate matter in the air definitely worsens the condition of asthma control in adults. And the results truly support this.

If a person already has asthma the risk of turning that into uncontrolled asthma is very high and the main constituents responsible for this are the ozone and particulate matter present in the air. The air pollution is increasing day-by-day which is giving birth to many respiratory and lung diseases. Asthma is one of them.


Now you must be thinking, “What can be done about this?” Though it may be a slow process, if every individual tries to contribute less toward air pollution and more toward the green aspect, our earth will be safer and the threat to our lives will decrease:

  • Try to use renewable sources as much as possible.
  • Be physically active.
  • Use sources which do not emit poisonous gases.
  • Use eco-friendly products.

About the author

Amanda Kidd is a writer and blogger who prefers to take all possible measures for her health and she takes extreme care of her hygiene to avoid diseases and infection.

Knowing there’s a link between asthma and air pollution, what kind of damage do you think poor air quality is doing to healthy lungs overtime?

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