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Air Conditioning: Friend or Foe?

written by Guest Blogger July 7, 2016

I’ve never liked air conditioning – it’s always made me congested. Although it can be a huge relief when it’s 40 degrees Celsius (plus the humidex, like it is today!). Whether you hate air conditioning or love it, check out today’s article which features an infographic on the health factors surrounding air conditioning. 

Did you know that there is an illness that is known as ‘sick building syndrome’ which many people suspect is as a result of air conditioning issues? While it may not be the most glamorous of topics, air conditioning can be a divisive topic when it comes to the potential impact it can have on a person’s health.

Take people with Asthma as an example. In built up areas with high levels of pollution outside, being indoors in an air conditioned building can assist to prevent airborne polluted particles from getting into a person’s lungs and impairing their breathing. On the opposite spectrum, if a person spends too much time in an air conditioned building there have been reports of higher rates of respiratory infections.

For a detailed look at the implications of air conditioning on a person’s health; view the below infographic created by Senator Windows.

Air Conditioning & Your Health – Infographic

After reviewing this infographic, will you be adjusting your use of air conditioning?

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