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Why Are You So Fat, Stephanie?

A friend’s 10 year old son asked me this one day as we sat at his kitchen table, waiting for his mom to return. The words ripped through my good mood (and heart) like a dozen red-hot iron spikes. I winced uncontrollably as it triggered a cascade of childhood memories; a time when I was “fatty four-eyes.”

Although it was an honest question, it hurt like a bitch and I instantly reacted. The truth is I didn’t know the answer at the time. I was angered, labelled him as a mean kid (which I thankfully kept to myself) and snapped at him, “People are just different. Some people are bigger than others.”

This seemingly insignificant episode actually left a lasting impact, though. After burying it along with other traumatic instances concerning my weight, this memory came bursting out of the darkness of my mind several years later. You see, I was slowly discovering and understanding the concept of self-empowerment and moving out of a victim mentality.

Once I realized I had control over my life and my happiness, I set out on a journey to finally answer that haunting question. If I knew the answer, then I’d know what I needed to do and change to achieve the results that I had been longing for most of my life.

Since then I’ve accomplished a healthy weight about four times using new knowledge that I accumulate and then apply to my pursuits. At first it was about the weight, then when the weight-loss didn’t stick, I learned that lasting weight-loss is found in the dozens of choices we’re offered on a daily basis.

A healthy lifestyle = habits. Some days are easier than others to make healthier choices. Some periods of our lives are more stressful or unsatisfying and offer additional challenges to make these daily choices.

This is why I started Live Lighter. I know many ways in how to lose weight naturally and change my lifestyle in order to get to a healthy weight and maintain it for years at a time. I share this information with you so you can do it, too. But my experience tells me that health means more than being a healthy weight.

I know this because even when I was “doing everything right” and was at my peak health for about 3 years straight, strange health issues started cropping up!

I’ve discovered that to be totally healthy and balanced, we need to care for all aspects of ourselves: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually and financially. Ultimately, my intention with this blog is to create a meeting place for like-minded individuals so we can learn from each other in how to increase our health and well-being, and find the ever-elusive total balance.

Knowing what I know now, I see that my weight fluctuations and falls off the health wagon are the direct result from life decisions that were misaligned with my values. Most of these decisions subtly affected my self-esteem and I subconsciously reverted back to my old ways of coping to protect myself: using substances to make me feel better (at the time).

As much as I’ve learned about healthy living and been successful in attaining it for a few years at a time, I’m still searching for the “holy grail” to achieving a permanent healthy lifestyle. I hope you will join me in this journey so we can support each other!

Who is Stephanie Miller?

I am a woman who worships nature. I’ve fallen in love with all life, actually! And ever since my first science class I’ve been thirsting to unravel as much of life’s mysteries as I can in my short time (I’m planning on 120 years) on Earth.

Focusing on the human body, mind and soul, I use science to understand life’s subtleties and intricacies. With a love and affinity for Biochemistry, a specialized honours in Psychology and a 10 year long Sociology class in the field (working in the bar & restaurant industry), I am well-equipped for the task. An interest in spirituality began in my early 20’s but it wasn’t until my Quarter-Life Crisis did I research in earnest, trying to “find my way”.

The whole while, I’ve learned that the Universe is a fascinating system made up of interdependent, ever increasingly smaller constituents; from the planetary system to Earth’s biosphere and the ecosystems in it, to whole beings, down to our cells and even to the invisible forces of metaphysics and energy. All connected, all essentially made up of the same stuff and all held together by the forces of Nature, constantly moving and changing in a delicate, intelligent, purposeful balance.

It is this intentional, natural balance that I seek, for my body, mind and spirit.

What makes her a health expert?

Living an unhealthy lifestyle for most of my life, I have experience in getting healthy a couple of times since discovering I have the power to create the life of my dreams. It’s been a challenge but it’s gotten easier. And I’m extremely happy with the results! I’ve accumulated a vast amount of health information over the years that I’m just itching to share.

This is the fuel for Live Lighter; that and the fact that I want everyone to lead full, healthy and long lives.

If you’d feel more comfortable knowing my health history before considering the information that I’m sharing, I’ve included it here .

My goal is to continue learning about the body, mind and soul. I want to learn how to attain greater health and balance – I believe this knowledge is the fountain of youth! And I plan to love life for a very long time. How about you?

CONTACT: stephanie [at] livelighter [dot] org

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