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A Taste of Hands-On Healing

written by Head Health Nutter January 30, 2011

Did Friday’s book review post on The Energy Cure intrigue you? Would you like to learn more about Dr. William Bengston’s healing technique? In today’s video post, Bill shares a few details about his healing method.

The Bengston healing method involves distracting the ego and intellect so that the natural healing process can take place. This is accomplished through several steps he calls, “Rapid Mental Imaging” and “Cycling”.

The first step involves making a list of at least 20 personal desires. You come up with mental images to represent these wishes (things you want but do not have right now) and memorize them to use in the second step.

In this 4 minute video titled, “Manifesting Precision,” Dr. Bengston talks about this first part of his technique and provides us a few tips in how to make it more effective (see above).

Once you have your list memorized so that you can flip through the images in your head backward, forward and randomly, you’re ready for the second step. (By the way, I’ve revised my list of personal desires for about the 5th time (they keep on manifesting!), and have begun the process of memorizing it.)

In Cycling, we learn how to flip through these images in cycles at an accelerated pace. Just as Dr. Bengston described a few tricks to making the first step more effective in the video, there’s more to Cycling than what I’ve described here, too.

I’ve listened to the 6-CD audio training course once through so far and tried Cycling. It’s extremely challenging! (Though it might get a bit easier once I memorize my list). Dr. Bengston admits it’s like driving a car – complicated at first but after practice, it becomes an unconscious behaviour.

I’m pumped to tackle Cycling as I follow along with Bengston’s instructions in the audio course! Stay tuned next month when I review the course.

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