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A Spiritual Kick-in-the-Ass: Painful Yet Positive

written by Head Health Nutter July 11, 2011

Has life ever kicked you in the ass? I mean a wake-up call so loud and clear that you experience such emotional pain where change has become absolutely necessary? It happened to me in the last week and I’d love to share with you my lessons.

If you read Live Lighter regularly, you’ll know that I’ve been doing some things to get back on the health wagon. For one, I just had my third fitness training session with G Force Training (read about my first training session on their blog).

AND I’ve been under-going hypnotherapy to make some core changes to help me with my healthy living pursuits, including stopping smoking (read about my first hypnotherapy session in the 3rd part of my Yo Yo Healthy Living series).

I’m ecstatic to share that it’s all working! I’m changing. However, along with any change, it usually affects other aspects of life as we currently know it. Sometimes life has to kick us in the ass before we’re motivated to change (even more) to create our own happiness.

So, that’s what happened this week. Life kicked me in the ass. I’ve experienced great emotional turmoil and I accept the responsibility for creating it. Yes, my behaviour has led me here. I went through the darkness but because of it, I now recognize several hard-core realizations that I can no longer ignore.

Unfortunately, it took this spiritual kick-the-ass to wake me up. It’s exactly what needed to happen for me to see that while I’ve been changing, there’s more work to be done!

Although it was difficult, I had to let go of something that I had made more important to me than me.┬áIf I’m honest with myself, I was actually using it (along with my other addictions and obsessions) as a distraction from the real issue: my personal development. This knowledge is SO freeing!

I believe the emotional challenges this week has begun a shift in consciousness so that I can finally heal myself, rediscover myself and recreate my life.

The BEST outcome of all this darkness, besides the self-realization and the motivation to do things differently, is even more important: I feel SO blessed. I am truly surrounded by beautiful, caring and thoughtful souls. All the people I’ve connected with have ALL said exactly the right things. Thank you to everyone who’s been (and will be) there for me. I love you.

So what’s next? Well I’ve seen the light because of the darkness. My number one priority – as it will always be from now on – is me. I am the master of my life and I create my own happiness (I cannot expect to help make others happy without this). I’m inspired to continue on my path of personal development, starting with self-care!

Climbing back on the health wagon will help provide me the clarity I need. I did it once about four years ago so I know I can do it again. When I’m able to let go of all my addictions and obsessions, I can hear my intuition more clearly. It’s like life is saying, “Go this way!” And we just have to follow our guts towards happiness.

I hope sharing my recent spiritual kick-in-the-ass will help you with yours. Are you ready to share any of your recent life lessons?

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