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A Live Lighter Special Announcement & Some Exciting News!

written by Head Health Nutter September 22, 2008

November 29th marked the one year anniversary of Live Lighter (yay!) and since that time we’ve had a posting schedule of every second day. However, some exhilarating recent events, which I will share with you in just a moment, have led me to revise this schedule.

Starting today, you can look forward to Live Lighter posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Monday posts will feature specialty holistic health content unique to Live Lighter, designed to help you along with your health journey. Wednesday posts will be industry-related reviews on books, articles, products and places. And finally, Friday posts will include healthy recipes or videos.

Stay tuned to this Wednesday’s post as I review the posh holistic health spa resort in Bancroft, Grail Springs, which my Mother and I had the pleasure to visit this past weekend!

And now for the ecstatic news which I’m just jumping out of my seat to tell you all. For the past month I’ve been helping a group of dedicated individuals create a social media website that will change the world!

Daily Challenge is social networking site that challenges members to have fun while making their real life communities a better place to live. Officially launched this past Friday, every day Daily Challenge members are sent via text messages or email a challenge to perform a small act of kindness sometime during the day. It could as simple as picking up 3 pieces of trash on your way home or buying a beverage for the next person in line.

As the social site’s community director, I will be assuming some hefty responsibilities and I look forward to being the liaison in charge of communications between the site and its members. I might even have the pleasure of speaking to some of our Celebrity Challengers!

I invite you all to check out the site. And don’t forget to come back to Live Lighter for all your holistic health information!

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