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A Getaway to Create a Healthy Everyday

written by Head Health Nutter January 19, 2010

Life happens and our good intentions of living a healthy lifestyle often tend to fall to the wayside. What if you could break free from the daily grind, visit a tropical island and instead of the vacation blues, you return home revitalized and armed with a new, healthy routine?

This is what Retreat to Healthy Living in Barbados aims to do. Surrounded by the untouched Caribbean island of Barbados, retreat-goers will embark on a 7-day transformational journey with the assistance of various health & wellness practitioners and the inspiring, 2-time Olympic gold medalist, Catriona Le May Doan.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the demands of life and when we are, it’s hard to break out of our old, destructive patterns. According to the press release:

Those participating in this exclusive women’s health retreat, surrounded by relaxing, pristine Barbados, will be primed for learning new, constructive ways of dealing with stress. Between varied engaging outings, like island tours, experiencing Barbados culture and delighting in scrumptious, healthy cuisine, health practitioners will teach participants how to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve remarkable fitness success.

Women, the nurturers of the world, are especially vulnerable to neglect in the self-care department. Ms. Le May Doan reminds us in the press release, we’re usually too busy taking care of others that we either forget or simply run out of time to take care of ourselves.

As a successful athlete, mother, wife and entrepreneur, Catriona lends a unique perspective to the retreat itinerary. And she’s pumped for this health & wellness retreat!

She says, “…not only do we plan to have a lot of fun in Barbados while we’re there, we’ll also learn how to stay healthy, achieve individual goals and have plenty of energy left over for others!”

A Vacation for Learning, Motivation and FUN!

The host of the event, Derrick Springer from Asuwish, lifestyle concierge services of Barbados, says the most important aspect of this health and wellness retreat is the focus on the fun in healthy living.

It’s the secret to making healthy living easy that we promote here on Live Lighter!

From April 11 – 18, 2010, participants in the Retreat to Healthy Living in Barbados will enjoy:

  • Refreshment, rejuvenation and restoration of mind, body and soul
  • Personalized health assessment and a plan that suits individual needs and goals
  • Delicious and nutritious cuisine
  • Hands-on fitness training with a professional trainer (customized cardio, body  balancing circuit, beach body boot camp and more)
  • Insightful and lively seminars on wellness, fitness, nutrition, relaxation and holistic healing
  • Exploration of magnificent Barbados in fun and active outings (sailing, island tours)
  • Experiencing rich Barbados culture and entertainment (art, music and dance)
  • Superb de-stressing and unwinding opportunities (retreat to private villa, massage & spa, stretching & energy balancing techniques and alternative therapies)
  • The grand finale which includes a celebratory night with motivational key-note speech by two-time Olympic Champion Catriona Le May Doan.

This sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime – especially for women who say they are just too busy to learn and create a healthy lifestyle for themselves!

If you’re excited for the healing powers of Barbados, a new lease on life and some fun in the sun, contact Asuwish for your customized Retreat to Healthy Living in Barbados package.

What do you think of this health & wellness retreat, Readers? Could a getaway to create a new, healthy everyday be exactly what you need?

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