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Cleansing System – Video & Review

written by Head Health Nutter March 6, 2008

A few posts ago, we defined detoxing and body cleansing . We’ve also covered why we should detox and the warning signs our bodies show to tell us when a detox might help make life a bit easier. In that last post, I promised this one would cover how to detox.

However, faithful Readers, I thought you might enjoy a break from reading. In keeping with the theme, the following video is a Fox news segment covering Isagenix , a body cleansing system currently out on the market.

UPDATE 2017: this video no longer exists.


I first heard of cleansing when a colleague of mine introduced me to Isagenix in the summer of 2006. Since it was my first time, it was hard for me to adhere to the instructions perfectly. Even so, after three months I lost 10 inches and about 15 pounds.

There was an initial cost of approximately $350, plus it ran me about $250 per month after that. I like this system because as far as my research has covered, the products are a safe and effective blend of nutritional herbs and cleansing products. Even though I saved on groceries, I couldn’t afford to maintain the cost and stopped using Isagenix.

Now, for those on a strict budget but who want the convenience of a complete and healthy cleansing program, along with support and loads of information on cleansing and nutrition, Isagenix offers affiliate opportunities. If you believe strongly enough in Isagenix, you can sell the stuff and open your own business, spreading health and cheer to people all over your geographic region!

Isagenix is perfect for people who are time-restrained and are unable to do the necessary research in order to create their own health plan for safe and effective weight-loss and cleansing. But once you begin this program, it’s recommended that you become a life-long Isagenix user. Even though I learned a ton about the body, toxicity and cleansing through Isagenix, I gained the weight back shortly after ending program.

But then again, I went back to many of my old, unhealthy habits so those negative results should be expected. With any cleansing program, it should also accompany a healthy lifestyle and the expectation that regular cleansing is needed to unload the toxic burden of the body.

Keep coming back to Live Lighter to learn more about how the body works and how healthy living helps make life easier. And stay tuned for the next post that will cover how you can help your body detox and what your body does during a detox.

LOL, so much for a break from reading!

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