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9 Healing Benefits of Volunteering!

written by Guest Blogger September 12, 2016

Why might you want to volunteer? Today’s guest blogger, Jessica Barden, is here to share with us the many benefits of volunteering your time to a worthy cause. 

You might not get any monetary compensation for your voluntary acts, but there is more meaning to work voluntarily for others than a paid job. As a volunteer, you will find a purpose in your life that is worth more than any monetary benefits.

Apart from giving you a purpose in life, volunteering also improves your emotional health and well-being. It is a kind of spiritual work. For all of you who want to lend a helping hand to the underprivileged, we list here benefits of volunteering and how it improves your health:

1. It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Just be lending your hand for the greater good, you can do your body a great amount of good. For starters, it can help lower your blood pressure. Older volunteers find it easier to do everyday tasks.

2. It Makes You Emotionally Stable

Working for others exposes you to the sufferings of people and you begin to value life more. In other words, it gives you a way to become content and grateful for all those little blessings of God that you take for granted.

Adopting an attitude of contentment keeps us away from developing stress and anxiety that come as a result of life pressures. The gratitude in our being makes us more thankful to God and we detach ourselves from negatives of life and its residual effects that come in the form of jealousy, greed, and insecurities.

3. You Get a Sense of Purpose

You see when you volunteer to do something that you are doing more than just trying to help people you don’t know. You are giving them a chance at a better life. It even fills a void within older workers who have lost their role as breadwinners and parents.

4. It Boosts Your Self-Confidence

When you perform altruistic acts for society, it provides a sense of accomplishment from within you. You know that what you have done is doing a lot of good for the people you’ve helped. This is enough to give one the satisfaction of realizing how much they are doing by just giving a little of their time for someone else.

5. It Counters Stress, Anger, and Anxiety

Helping others can prove to have a great impact on your psychological well-being. By connecting with other members of your group and the people you help out, you can lower your stress levels. As a matter of fact, working and chatting with other people and being with animals can eradicate your anger and anxiety.

6. You Stay Physically Healthy

It will surprise you to know that those who volunteer are bound to live healthier than non-volunteers. They also have better life satisfaction and physical health. It gets even better than that because the more they volunteer, the better their lives get. At the same time, older volunteers even experience these changes.

7. Older Volunteers Are Healthier Than Younger Volunteers

Age isn’t an issue when one has to volunteer. When it comes to older volunteers, they fare better in health than their younger peers. This is largely due to the fact that volunteer activities are likely to provide them with a more purposeful social role. This may involve an edge in parenting, which the younger ones lack.

8. It Helps You Develop New Skills

Volunteering is like doing an internship. It may not pay you by the end of it, but it certainly does provide you with a good chunk of experience. You will develop skills that will help you out in the long-run. You will also be a source of good mentoring for the younger participants.

9. It Makes You Happy

The best part that comes with this is that it makes you happy. Measuring the hormones and brain activity in the body, volunteering gives us great pleasure. As such, we are compelled to keep giving to our fellow man. The more we give, the happier we become.

There is an enigmatic feeling of contentment when you work for others. It injects in you the feeling of happiness which has positive effects on your emotional health. I hope the above-mentioned benefits give you enough incentive to find some sort of volunteering in your capacity.

About the Author

Jessica Barden is a doctor cum medical advisor at an essay writing service. She is a dedicated blogger who loves writing about health, medical breakthroughs and spiritual health. Her write-ups intend to inform the readers about living a healthy life.

Do you volunteer? Does this list cover all the benefits of volunteering?

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