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7 Ways a Recession Can be a Blessing

written by Head Health Nutter October 20, 2008

It’s all over the news, the economy is in turmoil and we’re heading into a recession (if we’re not already there). Whatever you do: don’t panic!

Some historians believe that it was this type of reaction by the public and government that determined how severely a country experienced the Great Depression. Actually, several historians suggest that panic turned what would have been a very normal economic downturn (a recession) into the Great Depression.

So I’m here to ease your worry a bit. While you can’t control what will happen to the economy, you can control your reaction to the threat of a recession. You can choose not to act at all, or react emotionally which may include irrational behaviour motivated by panic, fear, anger, etc. Or, you can choose to think positively about the situation, be proactive and choose constructive activities that will help you prepare and deal with limited financial income.

Here are 7 ways a recession can be a blessing:

  1. Cutting out the extras. Many of us spend a lot of time and resources on activities that help relieve us of stress. While some of these are ok in moderation, most of us don’t know when to stop. They become destructive over time while other activities have no health benefits at all. Some of these extraneous activities include: drugs, alcohol, junk food, shopping, t.v., video games, insert your obsession here, etc. A recession encourages you to reevaluate how you spend your money and search out alternative means to deal with stress.
  2. Buying more cost-effective fruits, veggies and whole grains. OK, you can make the argument that junk food is cheaper, but I beg to differ. You usually have to eat twice as much junk food than wholesome foods to not only feel full but to get anywhere near the nutritional value.. And when you cut out the extras, you have more time to prepare and experiment with home cooked meals!
  3. Strengthens mind. Without all those expensive past-times, you’re left with trying out new activities that cost zip. Hey, you might actually like them! You might like to read more (used book stores reduce the costs of books), put puzzles together, play cards or board games, meditate, write, do crossword puzzles or sudoku.
  4. Strengthens body. This point directly relates to #1, as most activities that promote health are absolutely free. For instance, you may decide to get rid of or reduce your cable package (and hydro) and exercise during t.v. shows you only watched because you were bored. Or you may choose to ride your bike to work rather than drive.
  5. Strengthens character. Most tragic and scary life events have some sort of positive flipside to their outcomes. They tend to test your character, limits and resolve. Many people react positively to emergencies, and these events bring out the best in them. You may see more people helping others, or an increase in everyday heroes as they find courage and strength they didn’t know they had.
  6. Strengthens soul. Hard times also test our faith. I really believe that while we have choices, whatever we choose and whatever comes into our world, is supposed to happen. If you have the same belief, then you know how this eases the worried mind. It’s important to believe in yourself, that you can handle anything that comes your way, and that you are loved and protected. These beliefs are spiritually based. And the Law of Attraction plays a part here, too. If you’re looking at the world as a safe place or a dangerous place, you’ll get whatever you’re expecting. When crappy stuff does happen to you and you choose to focus on the positive side, then it’s not as crappy as it could be.
  7. Strengthens relationships and sense of community. Not only do you get to know your friends and family better by spending quality time together, void of distracting pastimes, but you may form new relationships. There is strength in numbers and when the doo doo hits the fan, the people who survive ban together. This support can come in all ways needed: physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality.

So there are my 7 reasons why I think a recession can be a blessing. All of them have some sort of total health benefit – IF you choose. The healthy alternatives are endless and their benefits will help you deal financially, mentally, emotionally and physically with a recession.  

Can you see any other ways a recession can be a blessing?

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Hillary Martin October 20, 2008 at 1:36 pm

Nice blog, I love to see this kind of content, keep up the good work.

Emmanuel-Motivatorman October 21, 2008 at 11:36 am

Great tips Stephanie.

I agree that a healthy body and healthy mind will help deal with recessional thoughts.

As long as I have my occasional vanilla bean latte from Second Cup I’ll be more than fine!


Head Health Nut October 28, 2008 at 6:27 am

Thanks for the kudos, Hilary and Emmanuel.

And yes, Emmanuel, I wholeheartedly agree: we gotta budget for our little treats. It’ good for the soul. 🙂


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