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7 Reasons a Beautiful Smile is Good for your Health

written by Guest Blogger May 11, 2016

Everyone looks better when they smile but did you know that it actually improves your health, too? Keep reading today`s article by Lizzie Weakley for 7 reasons to keep smiling!

Smiling is a key component to a happy life. Most people don’t realize but simply smiling more on a daily basis can affect your confidence, mood, and overall well-being. The truth is that having a beautiful smile and using that smile often can benefit both the body and the mind. Here are seven ways that prove just how¬†powerful a smile can be for your health.

Smiling Helps Release Anxiety

Studies have reported time and again the power of smiling on a daily basis and the impact it can have on your overall mental health. For example, a study was done where people under stressful situations were separated into two groups: smiling and non-smiling. The group who smiled had lower heart rates than those with a neutral expression. Whenever you are in an anxious or scared situation, just put a smile out there and wait for yourself to feel just a little bit better.

Boosts Productivity

Since a grin on your face can help with changing your mood and release anxiety, it can also help with productivity and get your body going. Think about the fact that your smile can help get your body going and moving. A team of economic researchers in 2010 conducted multiple research studies and discovered that happiness has a huge amount of significance on productivity in the workplace. They also discovered that negative emotions can do the opposite and cause you to lose energy. If you want to invigorate yourself before a workout or at work, go ahead and smile.

Gets Creative Juices Flowing

A study done in 2013 showcased that men who were generally happier found it easier to deal with comprehensive problems, improved their ability to think of solutions under difficult situations, and simply deal with things better in comparison to negative-minded men. This is related to the release of dopamine triggered by happiness. The neurotransmitter helps with processing and decision-making, helping you achieve better with more creative juices flowing. Another thing to mention is that a happy approach and a smile on your face helps release endorphins into the body. Endorphins are the same thing released into your body when you work out and run. Now you can get that same thing into your body just by smiling.

Improves Confidence

When you have a nice smile, it can improve your confidence overall because you can smile without worrying what it looks like. The key is to go to your local dentists and ask for ways you can improve your smile. After a few whitenings and quick changes to your teeth, you’ll have smile you will be proud to have on your face. It pays off to work with a professional dentist who works in cosmetic dentistry.

Kills Pain

Smiling and laughter have the ability to lessen pain. The reason behind this is the release of endorphins that lift your mood. These act as natural painkillers as well. If you smile more often, you kill all the pain and stress hormones in your body.

If you are looking for a way to get healthier, think about the different ways you can improve your health with your daily habits. Did you know that simply living a happy life can help you dissolve all sorts of problems? Your mood can be improved, productivity can increase, and your life will be easier to deal with when you take the time to be wise with your health and how you live every day with joy.

About the Author

My name is Lizzie Weakley and I am a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. I went to college at The Ohio State University where I studied communications. I enjoy the outdoors and long walks in the park with my 3-year-old husky Snowball.

Do you have any health benefits of smiling that we may have missed?

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