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7 Best Natural Vitamins & Herbs for Stress & Anxiety

written by Guest Blogger May 31, 2016

Did you know that you could actually treat stress and anxiety with natural herbs? I must try some of these to see if they work for me because I struggle with stress and anxiety, and really don’t want to turn to medication. Keep reading today’s article by Laris Stephen if you or someone you know has stress and anxiety.

A documentary called ‘Stress, Portrait of a Killer’ which was created by researchers from Stanford University and National Geographic, explains how deadly and dangerous stress can be.

Fortunately, numerous natural supplements and herbs can reduce anxiety and stress without causing that many mental conditions as side effects compared to medicines. In this article, we will discuss 7 natural herbs that can help you with your anxiety and stress.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is closely related to ragweed. You can brew it in tea or take it as a supplement; either way, it is an amazing herb. This herb has been used for centuries by our ancestors to calm nerves and ease minds. This is because this herb has a sedating quality. Moreover, it is often used by people who have difficulties in sleeping which is caused by stress.

The researchers from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School conducted an eight-week study that involved 57 patients who possess anxiety disorders, which proved that a small dose of chamomile extracts daily (220 mg) could lead to modest improvements.

2. Ashwagandha

Another amazing herb we are going to discuss is Ashwagandha. Similar to Chamomile, it has been used for thousands of years. This herb is also known as ‘the winter cherry.’ Its herb contains a lot of active ingredients from the withanolide class. Moreover, it contains a lot of flavonoids, too. This herb helps people to adapt to their environment, including stressful environments.

3. Passionflower

Passionflower is widely known for its ability to help people who are dealing with high-level of anxiety to sleep better. In the ancient Polynesian culture, it was known as an aphrodisiac. The effects of this herb are mildly sedative.

4. Magnesium

Did you know that when you consume food that contains a lot of magnesium, it could help to soothe tight muscles and soreness? Also, it can lower your blood pressure while reducing stress. Other than that, magnesium can also help people with type 2 diabetes, depression, and insomnia.

5. Kratom Tea

Another thing you can try is Kratom Tea. Kratom tea has a pain relieving effects, which can help you when you are having pain. It is absorbed and digested rapidly by the digestive system, which makes its effects, such as the euphoric and mood-boosting effects, increased. For those of you who enjoy tea, Kratom tea might be the best alternative for you as it has a strong effect and it is highly relaxing.

6. Lavender

Other than having an amazing scent, this herb can even put babies to sleep. If you are having a bad day, try drinking lavender-infused tea, or you can just smell lavender. This can help you to calm frazzled nerves immediately, causing you to relax.

7. Lemon Balm and Kava

Kava is also known as Kava Kava. Its roots have been used for hundreds of years to create drinks that can help people with anxiety. Even though it is sedative, it doesn’t interrupt any cognition. Nowadays, a lot of people use it to treat social anxiety.

Other Supplements

Other than the 7 amazing herbs we discussed above, you can also use some supplements to help you. For example, supplements that are made of vitamin B can usually help people with stress or anxiety.

Other than vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E can be really helpful, too. You can also try L-theanine, a famous, powerful supplement which is often used by a lot of people as a stress-reliever. L-theanine helps people to relax by decreasing the beta brain waves while increasing alpha brain waves. Beta brain waves tend to make people unfocused and excited while alpha brain waves make people relaxed and focused.

Lastly, you can also try GABA. Gaba or Gamma-aminobutyric acid is something that occurs naturally in the human brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter. However, it can slow down neuron firing, which helps people to relax. This is why you can try to consume GABA supplements. Those supplements can help you to enhance the GABA works, thus helping you relax.


New studies, findings, and improvement in the medical world have made things a lot easier for people who have sickness or disorders. Anxiety and stress might sound like nothing. However, it can be dangerous too; which is why it has to be treated. Fortunately, there are natural herbs and useful supplements that can help people to deal with their stress and anxiety disorders.

By consuming these amazing herbs, people can immediately feel the effects of them, and they will feel more relaxed after they consume it. In addition, these herbs have fewer side effects. Supplements like GABA and L-theanine, or supplements that contain vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin C can also help. There are a lot of alternatives for people who have anxiety and stress, so don’t worry!

About the Author

Laris Stephen writer for Peak Nootropics, an authorized company that provides high quality memory products to enhance mental performance. A Peak Nootropics supplement ensures benefits such as enhance learning, improve memory, increase focus, and enhance mood and much more.

Have you had success with any of these natural alternatives in reducing your stress and anxiety? We’d love to hear your story!

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