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7 Awkward Moments Invisible Braces Can Help You Avoid

written by Guest Blogger September 29, 2014

Ready for a funny article? Whether you’re looking into getting braces or just want a laugh to lighten up your day, read today’s guest post by British writer, Lauri Pete!

Even in the 21st century cultural stereotypes abound. From the French being seen as masters of the culinary arts to Brits being viewed as a nation of reserved tea drinkers. And when it comes to those from the good old US of A, pearly whites and quarterbacks are seen to be the order of the day once you head stateside.

Unfortunately for us Brits one stereotype that seems to have persisted in the eyes of our American counterparts is the notion that those on UK shores sport less than pristine smiles. Think Austin Powers on a bad day! However, the good news is that us Brits are changing the way we are perceived across the Atlantic, one smile at a time. This is because many more people in Britain nowadays are opting to get braces fitted on their teeth.

While everybody has known for decades that wearing braces for a period of time can help to straighten teeth and rectify overbites, many people have been reluctant to go down this route, mostly because they didn’t want to spend months or years displaying a mouthful of metal whenever they smiled.

Fortunately, the introduction – and easy availability – of so-called invisible braces has turned this way of thinking on its head entirely. Indeed, the fact that invisible braces are, well, pretty much invisible, means those who wear them don’t need to feel in any way self-conscious about their appearance when they smile. Moreover, the many advantages they afford makes many of the problems commonly associated with metal braces redundant.

All of this ensures that those who opt to have invisible braces fitted can avoid encountering moments which may otherwise prove to be a little awkward. Moments like:

1. Half-hearted smiles

There are times when a photo calls for those in it to flash big broad smiles. To be sure, events like meeting a friend or relative’s new born baby for the first time, or being the guest of honour at a surprise party, demands a super-sized grin. Needless to say, a half-hearted, self-conscious smile will not go down well in these situations as it will make photos look less than memorable and perhaps even offend those for whom the event is a big deal.

2. Whimpering at dinner

Metal braces are notorious for causing discomfort during meals. Indeed, it is often the case that chewing can make the wires on metal braces poke around the inside of the mouth, causing those wearing them to whimper from time to time. While whimpering at dinner is no big deal when eating at home, it is likely to create more than a bit of awkwardness when out on a romantic dinner date.

3. Frustrated flossing & brushing

Anyone who has ever worn metal braces will know just how much of a chore brushing and flossing can be. This is because the metal brackets and wires make it hard to get a toothbrush or piece of floss exactly where it needs to be without it getting caught. As well as being far less cumbersome, invisible braces can be easily removed, thus making brushing and flossing duties far less frustrating affairs.

4. Not laughing at jokes

It is common for people who are self-conscious about their teeth to deliberately refrain from laughing whenever they find something funny in the company of others. Suffice to say; not laughing at someone’s joke can cause eyebrows to be raised and feathers to become ruffled in certain circumstances. Imagine staying straight-faced when a prospective father-in-law tells an anecdote at that all-important first meeting? Or how about giving a less than enthusiastic snigger when a potential new boss cracks a funny during an interview? Awkward…

5. Refusing food

It’s one thing for someone to refuse food simply because they don’t care for it. However, refusing universally enjoyed foods – such as popcorn, crisps, bagels, hard-crusted bread, pizza crust, pretzels, nuts, apples, carrots, and corn on the cob – for no other reason than they are difficult (or impossible) to eat with metal braces is something else entirely.

6. Kissing

Locking lips with a special someone can be an anxious time for individuals with traditional braces as they often cannot help but wonder whether their partner will feel a degree of trepidation at the thought of getting intimate with a collection of metal brackets and wires. Obviously, the potential for awkwardness is magnified exponentially when both parties have metal braces fitted as the likelihood of ‘locking iron’ increases markedly..!

7. Being short of cash

The fact that invisible braces price tags have come down significantly in recent years means there are now options available to suit all budgets. Indeed, it is very much the case that practically anyone can opt for this form of dental care without having to worry about whether or not it will leave them short of cash come payday.

About the Author

Lauri Pete is a writer and editor for Cheshire Dental Centre. She has written many articles about dental health, health care tips and much more.

How did invisible braces help you or a friend of yours?

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Finn Stewart January 26, 2017 at 11:28 am

I know that when I had braces as a teenager, I avoiding laughing and smiling because I was embarrassed to have braces. I want my kids to feel more comfortable with themselves if they need braces, so I like the idea of getting invisible braces. I especially like how you mention that the price tag for invisible braces has come down significantly in recent years so there will hopefully be an option that fits my budget. Thanks for sharing!


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