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6 Ways to Survive Holiday Weight Gain

written by Guest Blogger October 15, 2013

The holidays are coming up we pledge every time we won’t let it happen again. But when the holidays are over, the weighing scale reveals how much weight you have gained despite your efforts. Let’s read today’s guest post by Mike for a few ways to survive holiday weight gain! 

When you are on a holiday, does your diet go on vacation too? Probably yes, because most of us use vacations as an excuse to eat fat rich foods and send our diet regime for a toss.

In our opinion, however, despite eating slightly worse on a holiday trip than you do at home, weight gain is pretty much easy and fun to control. In fact, the more extended the break is, the more likely is the possibility of weight loss without the need to sacrificing relaxation and enjoyment time.

So it is actually possible to enjoy the vacation and tasty local food without accumulating extra pounds around the waist?  The secret is simple – choose foods wisely, consume the high calorie meals in moderation and try and stay slightly more active during the trip. If you still have doubts on how you can maintain your weight and heart health during the tempting holiday times, just read through a few tips we have compiled to help you survive holiday weight gain easily.

Keep exercising

There is no other better way to keep your body lean than engaging in regular aerobic activities to burn of those extra calories. Kick up your exercise routine, try and spend a little more time exercising than you would normally. Exercise is a good and effective way to burn the extra calories that you may be consuming during the holiday trip. Spending 30-40 minutes a day exercising shouldn’t be a hindrance to your relaxation and enjoyment, rather it will keep you more energetic to spend the entire day more enthusiastically with family and friends.

Add fruits to your trip diet

For years you have been carrying cookies, grahams, chips and chocolates, etc. for driving snacks, but try making things more nutritious this time around. Make certain that you carry fruits for snacking; there is nothing healthier than fruits. Fruits contain lesser calories (as compared to other snacks) and also pack a nutritious punch.

Control temptation and limit your intake

Controlling yourself from consuming tempting food is an effective way to reduce your chances of gaining weight during holidays. Especially when you have all the time in the world to think about all the things that you can eat. Yes, you won’t be able to control yourself for everything you focus on, thus it is important that you control the amount of junk that goes into your mouth. The best way to limit the intake is to follow a one-a-day regime, fix a time of the day when you can snack with your family and friends (limited snacking). If you tend to overeat, make sure you spend an extra hour in the gym the next morning.

Plan your eating in advance

Before you set out to board the plane or going out for a party, make sure that you snack on some healthy serving or low fat foods, so that when you arrive at the party or are at the airport, you are not tempted to eat all the things that you shouldn’t be eating.

Sleep well

Sleep we all know is directly related to weight – the lesser one sleeps the more food he tends to consume. And even if you oversleep, you can tend to gain weight. So make sure, you don’t throw off your daily routine drastically, try and stick to a meal plan and other at-home habits while on vocation. You will not (and should not) follow the routine judiciously but try and be around and about the routine. Doing so, you will keep your weight under control and you won’t have a real problem to getting back into routine once you are back home after the vacation.

Have fun to the fullest

It is a common notion that being stressed out leads to weight gain because the person tends to eat more in such a condition. Moreover, you need to realize that you are out with the family and work is not your priority now, so enjoy yourself to the fullest and relax as much as you can so that you are fresh and light when you get back to work after the vacation.

About the Author

I’m Mike a Health & Fitness consultant having 15+ years of experience working in clinics, gyms and also Yoga instructor dealing with health, pain and injuries. I regular blogger and has been using social media to meet like-minded people for over 8 years now. At present I am working with www.consumerhealthanswers.com, which appoints continuous efforts in researching more on foods and their impact on the human body.

Do you have any tips to stay healthy during the holidays or a trip?

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