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6 Ways to Rid Yourself of Stubborn Menopause Belly Fat

written by Guest Blogger January 15, 2016

If you’re currently in menopause or know someone who is, you may find today’s article by guest blogger, Ella James, particularly useful. Keep reading for tips on how to vanquish belly fat that has accumulated due to menopause.

Menopause has many symptoms, some of which include: hot flashes, loss of menstrual cycle and headaches, among others. The formation of belly fat does not necessarily symbolize menopause but because of the hormonal changes during this time, it can happen. Healthy eating and exercise are the most effective ways to deal with belly fat, no matter the cause.

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The following are 6 ways in which you can get rid of stubborn menopausal belly fat:

1. Proper eating

The female body is prone to excess production of fat. This fat can accumulate along the lower belly, thighs, butt and face. Some of the main causes of excess fat production are excess consumption of junk foods. Many junk foods are as a result of the fast foods in the modern hotels such as fried chicken, soda, among other processed foods.

Popular diet and weight loss news states that balancing your diet with an excess of vegetables helps rid menopausal belly fat, especially with the help of vitamin C. If you can manage a vegan diet for awhile to flush the system, it works miraculously!

2. Exercise

Avoid sitting down since it creates a comfort zone for fat accumulation in the body. Avoid using lifts when you can walk up and down the stairs. Simply by choosing walking and taking the stairs, after some time you’ll have found you lost some belly fat and also improve your breathing.

Visiting the gym regularly will save you a great deal since it will not only help you clear the belly fat but also help flush menopause supplements from your system. An active body (moderate levels, of course) does not age prematurely, instead it ages gracefully.

3. Change contraceptives

There are so many methods of contraception today. As featured in the diet and weight loss news, it is stated that different methods of contraception react with hormones differently.

Some contraceptives actually trigger the hormones which produce fat – and so rapid weight gain will ensue. Others affect the menstrual cycle making it seem like symptoms of premature menopause. If you notice weird body changes after using certain contraceptives, visit a gynecologist who will help you identify a contraceptive more friendly to your hormones.

4. Get enough sleep

Health professionals suggest an average of 8 hours of sleep per day. Proper rest is important because when the body is sleeping, it does not require any extra energy; in fact, it is the best time to get rid of excess calories. If you work late you will tend to feel hungry often with a desire to only eat sugary foods which add fat to your body. Avoid sugary items if you have to work late and instead, eat foods rich in high proteins and also whole grains to avoid additional fat.

5. Eat fat

This is not the common fat found in junk food but the omega 3 fatty acids. They help fight the menopause supplements that may be found in the body caused by the belly fat. Omega 3 fatty acids are commonly found in fish or nuts such as the pumpkin seeds, walnut, avocados and salmon. Fish oil is the best according to health professionals.

6. Do not skip meals and use smaller plates

Eat every meal in small portions and often throughout the day. Starving yourself only activates fat storage which will help you accumulate more belly fat. If it’s too difficult for you to decrease your portion size, use smaller plates. Before you reach to refill that plate, take some time to digest and drink some water. You may be surprised to learn you’re either dehydrated or haven’t given your brain a chance to register that your body is full.

About the Author:

Ella James is an aspiring author who is pursuing Health Services Administration degree from St. Petersburg College. She is an active contributor to Consumer Health Digest, which is a leading Health News. In recent years, she had the opportunity to review Joint soother. Get connected with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have any tricks and tips to rid stubborn belly fat while going through menopause?

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