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6 Common Domestic Cleaning Mistakes

written by Guest Blogger May 9, 2013

Today’s guest blogger, Grace, is an expert in cleaning. Check to see if you’re making these common household cleaning mistakes! 

Cleaning our home is a task we all have to do on a daily and weekly basis, but unfortunately we usually have time for it only on the weekend. If you add to that the annual spring cleaning, the monthly chores, the usual pre-festive season cleaning and for renovations, it could easily seem that all we do is clean and tidy up. Yet our homes still look dirty, messy and cluttered, the air quality is bad, there are nasty stains on the furniture and the upholstery and some dusting and mopping are never enough.

Keeping a house clean is a constant job, not just something we do on the weekend. Preventing spills and stains, keeping the home clean and tidy – these tasks are the responsibility of each member of the family. The so called domestic or residential cleaning has some basic rules which can help you manage quicker and easier. If you’ve got your own system, just keep in mind that the most important tasks are sanitation and decluttering.

There are some common domestic cleaning mistakes which people make and prevent them from having a more effective cleanup on a regular basis. Here are the 6 most common ones and what you can do to avoid them:

Mistake 1:

Cleaning without any sort of plan is a big mistake, however not many people realize this. This is what leads to forgotten areas, running out of cleaning detergent and cleaning last minute before inviting people over. Have a checklist which lists daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly and even annual cleaning tasks necessary for your home and when you try it, you’ll soon see what a big difference this makes.

Mistake 2:

Cleaning without preparation is not a very effective method either. This includes lacking the right supplies, cleaning detergents, equipment and special cleaning solutions. Have all your supplies in one place before you even start and cleaning will be much easier.

Mistake 3:

Only using commercial cleaners which contain toxic chemicals and can even be hazardous to your health. There are plenty of natural cleaning products you can use and have great results – lemon juice, salt, vinegar, baking soda are only a few of the miraculous green ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Mistake 4:

Cleaning alone is a big mistake, because cleaning takes time and energy. Make sure you involve your family in the process, whether you will clean as a team or separately on different days.

Mistake 5:

Don’t only clean after work as you risk getting carried away with other chores or taking all the time to relax. You can start early in the morning when you still have plenty of energy. Dust the furniture, clean the toilet bowl, wash the sink and tidy up the living room. The rest of the cleaning chores can be done by your children after they come back from school.

Mistake 6:

Postponing cleaning chores and overlooking some areas at home on purpose is the worst mistake. Think about the home you have always wanted to have – is your perfect home dirty, messy and with stains hidden underneath furniture? Make sure you remember that next time you move past that cobweb or greasy fingertips.

About the Author

Grace is an expert in the field of cleaning, working on a behalf of Uxbridge cleaning company.

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