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5 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Daily Routine

written by Guest Blogger June 4, 2013

Really? Could it be this easy?? For everyone who’s ever thought they didn’t have time to exercise, today’s guest post by Jason Miner is a no-nonsense, practical and easy way to get fitter!

One of the biggest problems people have when sticking to an exercise routine is management of their time. Most of us are extremely busy and are firm in our beliefs that we, “just don’t have time to put into exercising.”

However, most of these people are experiencing laziness or forgetfulness over time-management. This isn’t meant to point fingers or point out shortcomings. It is a simple fact that it doesn’t take a mentor or day planner in order for you to find five to ten minutes per day in order to exercise.

1. Morning – Before you shower in the morning, set aside at least 10 minutes of a rigorous exercise. Many people will do this in order to “jump start” their day for it gets the oxygen flowing to the brain and the heart pumping. It doesn’t take much effort to push through 10 minutes in the morning. Do you get more than that sitting at your desk 8 hours? The quick 10 minutes in the morning can make a vast improvement to your outlook throughout the day.

2. Lunch Break – During your lunch break, why not fit a quick five minutes into a short jog to your car and back? Perhaps you have a private area where you can crank out a few jumping jacks? It really doesn’t take much physical effort in order to keep the blood flowing and the calories burning. It’s all about continued movement and a few minutes here and there can make a profound impact on your life.

3. Commercials – This may seem silly to some, but a vigorous activity during the commercial breaks of your favorite television show could provide you with all of the exercise you could need in a day. Think about it. If you watch an hour long television show, commercials make up 15 to 20 minutes of it spread across that time-span. You could easily get plenty of exercise while being entertained in the process. Do you really need to pay that close attention to every commercial?

4. Transportation – Instead of driving to nearby areas for things you need, why not jog? A 10-minute jog to the convenience store will not only promote a healthier living, but it could save you additional money in gas as well. Don’t succumb to laziness through invention. Cars are nice, but you don’t need to use them to drive four or five blocks, do you? Too many people are easily swayed by innovative technologies and developments, and they forget the simple things humans need in order to live – like continued exercise.

5. Night – A common practice of many people is to exercise prior to sleep. This tires out the body and could help you get a full night’s rest even though you are completely alert just before exercising. Your own personal reaction to exercising could help you determine the best time for this activity. As some get tired and ready for sleep, others will feel invigorated and ready for the day.

Although it may take some ingenuity on your behalf in order to remember to exercise at specific times, the habitual behavior should take over in a few weeks. Before you realize it, your routine will include a brief exercise regimen on a daily basis. It is in your best interest to keep your body moving before it stops – permanently.

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I love this post! Sometimes I fit some squats in while I’m doing dishes and go for a walk ‘n talk if I’m catching up with a friend on the phone. How do YOU fit exercise in your busy schedule? 

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