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5 Ways to Detox Your Body

written by Guest Blogger October 24, 2015

Want to feel lighter? More energetic? Clear headed? Fall is a great time to do a detox and unload your body of some of the accumulated toxins. Keep reading guest blogger, Ella, for a super easy detox plan to follow for as long as you want and as clean as you want (we suggest you speak to your doc about any major dietary changes, especially when you plan to detox).

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins from the air we breathe, the products we use and the food we consume. As a result we may start feeling sluggish and languid. Furthermore, the toxic build up may cause skin and digestive problems, as well as headache, muscle pain, allergies and stubborn weight loss. When the body becomes “toxic” its overall function and natural flow gets affected.

The liver has an important role in cleaning the bad substances from the organism. The lungs, kidneys, lymph, intestines and the skin also help purify our organism. When these organs are not able to process the volatile compounds, every cell in the body is adversely impacted.

The best way to prevent this is by cleansing your body system from all the synthetic and harmful elements. Detox diet is more than just a way to lose weight. In its essence, detoxification is the process of eliminating all the toxins that come from our environment such as smoke pollutants, industrial chemicals, pesticides and food additives.

Cut the Bad Stuff

Eliminate alcohol, coffee, refined sugars and saturated fats from your menu. As hard as it may sound to live without these little pleasures, your body will be grateful later. These ingredients have no nutrition value and only weigh down our body. Your eating habits are not the only thing that needs a detox. Your home and lifestyle also need improvement. For example try to keep the stress levels at minimum. Stress affects negatively your health. When you are anxious the body produces hormones that in large amount turn into toxins and slow down the liver‘s function. In addition you should consider removing the cleaning products filled with heavy chemicals from your kitchen cupboard.

Choose the Right Diet Plan

There are many detox diets that differ in terms of time interval and the type of food that is included. Choose a regimen that will fit your lifestyle and will not stress your body. The purpose of detoxification is to be healthy. Some of the most popular diets include eating only one type of food or consuming only liquids. Detox programs can be long term and short term, but they both aim to lighten up your toxic load. It is advisable to consult with your physician, before starting any cleansing diet.

Eat Notorious Food

Fruits and vegetables are nature’s best gift to us. You need to eat as much of these goodies as possible. Fruits and veggies are rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that help eliminate the toxins and slow down the aging processes in the organism. Keep your body system pristine by eating fibre-rich such as whole grains, beans and brown rice.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water has amazing purifying and cleaning properties and can quickly get out the toxins from your blood system. Try to drink a lot of water during the detoxification period. On the other hand, drinking warm water with lemon stimulates the metabolism. The acid in the lemon assist the domestic cleaning process.


Exercising will not only get you in shape, but it will also take the toxins. You don’t necessarily need to be in the gym 7 days a week. Simply, try to have more active lifestyle. Even regular activities like domestic cleaning or walking to work will be enough.

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