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5 Ways To Create Short & Powerful Workouts

written by Guest Blogger March 10, 2012

If you’ve stuck with your New Year’s Intention of hitting the gym more consistently, then you’ll get a load of valuable information from today’s guest post. Jonathan Dunsky gives us 5 useful tips to do more in less time!

We live in hectic times. We work long hours, have to struggle through sluggish traffic when we go to and return from work, and after cleaning, cooking, and spending time with our family, not a lot of time is left to take care of ourselves.

This is partly why so many people these days are out of shape. There is simply not enough time to do efficient and effective workouts. This is also why I want to share with you the following 5 tips to help you do short yet powerful workouts that should fit the schedule of the most time-crunched people.

1. Have a workout plan

Whenever I workout at a gym I see a lot of people with confused, uncertain looks on their faces. It’s as if they don’t really know what they’re supposed to do next. Their gaze wanders from one machine to the next and they can’t make up their mind which exercise to perform and with which equipment to do it.

This costs them a lot of time and also reduces the effectiveness of their workout because it leads to long breaks between exercises.

To prevent this from happening to you, you need to come prepared. Create a workout plan in advance with all the exercises you plan on doing and with all the sets and weights written down clearly. This way, you won’t have any confusion. You’ll know exactly what to do at all times.

2. Have Bodyweight Alternatives Ready

If your gym is not well-stocked with fitness gear or you go there during busy times of the day, you may find yourself waiting in line for some strength machine or weights. This can be a big time waster.

Since you can’t be sure this won’t happen, you need to prepare bodyweight alternatives to all the exercises you do (or to as many of them as you can).

For instance, you can do push-ups instead of a barbell chest press and triceps push-ups instead of dips and squats when the leg press machine is occupied. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s better to keep the rhythm of the workout than to be hooked on any specific exercise. Bodyweight training is very effective and you should use it.

3. Watch the Clock

Workout time at the gym is composed of two main things: the actual lifting time and the resting time between sets. The resting time is usually what determines whether your workout is time-efficient or not. A lot of people rest too long between sets. They think that they rest for about 60 seconds, but it can easily get to two or three times as much.

Each gym has a clock on the wall. You need to make use of it to time the length of your rests. Only when you do so can you keep them short. This will help you do more powerful workouts and shorter ones too.

4. Carry a Water Bottle

If you workout hard, you will likely find yourself in need of some hydration. Usually there are a number of water fountains in any respectable gym. The problem is that you may get stuck behind someone who is a slow drinker or someone who’s decided to fill up his water bottle right at that exact moment.

To avoid wasting your time going to the water fountain and waiting there, I recommend bringing a big bottle with you to the gym. I can drink about a full liter in a workout and some guys I know drink even more. Being hydrated will also help you do more intense workouts.

5. Do More Circuits

One of the best ways to create a more intense workout experience is to squeeze more work in less time. This is easily done by performing more super-sets and circuits than regular, one exercise at a time, sets.

These days I usually do circuits with 4 exercises one after the other. The intensity of my workouts is much higher but I’ve managed to cut down my workout time in half. It’s incredible.

To summarize, there are plenty of things you can do to cut your workout time short while still doing intense fat burning workout routines that will help you get rid of flab and build muscle.

You should:

  1. Have a workout plan
  2. Have bodyweight alternatives to each exercise
  3. Watch the clock between sets
  4. Carry a water bottle
  5. Do more circuits

If you do these 5 things, you will cut your workout time down dramatically. Got any more ideas to make your workouts shorter? Share them by leaving a comment below.

About the Author

Jonathan Dunsky blogs at http://www.WorldOfDiets.com where he writes about fast fat loss tips and easy to follow nutrition guidelines for a healthier life.

I can really relate to Jonathan’s tip of `watching the clock’. Especially if I’m working out with someone, I tend to rest a bit longer than 1 minute between sets… too busy chatting. 😉 Thanks for the gentle reminder, Jonathan!

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Food, Fitness, Life March 11, 2012 at 4:03 am

Good tips, another way to make sure you’re getting a great work out is to be sure, in your workout plan, to switch up your routine. If you’re doing cardio 5x a week and you’re only using one machine (i.e. treadmill) it’s good to switch it up and use an elliptical or bike. This way, you’re challenging your muscles and burning more calories!

Jonathan | World Of Diets March 22, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Thanks for your comment. You’re right. Switching your workouts is very important.


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