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5 Tried & True Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy As You Age

written by Guest Blogger March 14, 2015

We are ALL getting older… from the day we are born, actually! But there are ways to slow down the aging process. Check out today`s guest post by Karleia for some ideas!

Your chance of developing serious health problems increases as you get older. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep yourself healthy as you age. Below are five tried and true ways to keep yourself healthy the longer you live:

Eat More Fiber

Your metabolism slows down as you get older. This puts you at an increased risk of gaining weight. You can maintain a healthy weight by making sure that you get plenty of fiber in your diet. You can get adequate amounts of fiber by filling your diet with vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

No Smoking

Smoking is dangerous at any age. However, your chances of suffering serious health complications increases as you get older. Smoking cessation is difficult. You can greatly decrease your chances of suffering from heart disease, lung cancer and other health problems if you quit. Your doctor can provide you with the resources you need to stop smoking.

Regular Checkups

Regular checkups are essential because serious health conditions are much easier to treat if they are caught early. Talk to your doctor about how often you need to get checkups. Many doctors recommend yearly physical examinations for people who are over the age of 40.

Regular Exercise

Many older people are sedentary, which puts them at an increased risk for developing many health problems. That is why it is important to include 30 minutes or more of exercise in your routine per day. You should also include strength training twice a week in addition to cardio. Regular exercise is one of the keys to having healthy legs. It also helps keep your cholesterol level, blood pressure and heart rate within the healthy range. Furthermore, exercise improves your balance and decreases your risk of falling.

Stay Social

It is important for you to maintain your social life as you get older. Spending time with the people you love can help benefit your health. It is a lot easier to deal with life’s problems if you surround yourself with people who love you. Additionally, studies have shown that people who have an active social life live longer.

Your health does not have to decline just because you are getting older. You can keep yourself healthy by exercising, eating plenty of fiber, not smoking and getting regular checkups. Furthermore, spending time with your loved ones and maintaining an active social life can keep you healthy.

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Karleia is a freelance blogger and health fanatic. You can follow Karleia on Google+.

What else can you add to this list of things to do to stay young longer?

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