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5 Tips to Keep Hormonal Balance This Holiday Season

written by Guest Blogger December 17, 2015

Are you or a loved one experiencing menopause? This time of year might be especially difficult for you and them, then. That’s why I’m pleased to present today’s guest article by Pamela Harris Miller!

Christmas celebrations can really stress a host out. This is especially true if you are already undergoing hormonal imbalances due to menopause. Adjusting to hormonal changes that come with this condition can be difficult and frustrating especially when you’re busy accommodating the needs of your loved ones and family members.


If you’re not yet familiar with how your body responds to changing hormones during menopause, it is in your best interest to check and stick to activities that can help maintain your hormonal balance.

Practicing these tips will take a bit of self-control and self-denial, yes, but you are sure to reap the benefits by feeling consistently productive long after your family get together is over.

While preparing for the holidays:

  1. Make lists, set realistic schedules, and finalize the budget. These will help you manage the flow of your holiday preparation and avoid panic-induced shopping and other avoidable last-minute activities which can stress you out and raise your cortisol levels. Cortisol, also called the stress hormone, can affect your blood pressure, sleep cycle, digestion, and stress-coping ability. Diabetes and weight gain are just 2 of the conditions that are linked to chronically elevated cortisol levels.
  2. Get enough sleep. In addition to raising cortisol levels, sleep disturbances can also lead to low leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells to abate hunger and let the body know that it is already full. Having low leptin levels can increase appetite, slow down metabolism, and increase cortisol which, in turn, stores fat and burns muscle.
  3. Take vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C can boost one’s immunity and is shown to raise progesterone levels. A daily dose of 750 mg can help avoid anxiety, poor sleep, night sweats, and irregular menstruation caused by low levels of progesterone.

While celebrating with the family:

  1. Mind your sugar intake. Minding food and sugar intake is a particularly difficult tip for some people. However, sticking to a low-sugar diet can help a great deal with hormonal balance. Excessive sugar intake can cause leptin resistance wherein the brain can’t recognize the high levels of leptin in the body. Because the brain cannot sense that the body is already satiated, the person remains hungry and continues eating. This condition is tied to weight gain. High sugar intake can also cause insulin resistance which, in turn, can lead to diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.
  2. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Aside from stressful activities, cortisol levels can also be affected by excessive caffeine and alcohol in the body. It is best to watch those eggnogs and minimize coffee intake.
  3. In addition to incorporating these tips to your holiday preparation and celebration, you can also opt to undergo hormone replacement therapy to keep your hormone levels in check. Remember that each woman reacts differently to menopause so you have to look for a personalized hormone replacement therapy program that will meet your exact needs.

Don’t forget to care for yourself this Christmas season so a healthier and happier you can fully celebrate with the rest of your loved ones.

About the Author

Pamela Harris Miller is a marketing professional from Genemedics Health Institute, whose interests lie in health and nutrition. She writes about these topics and contributes to different health and wellness blogs in her free time.

Do you have any tips to keep your hormones in balance?

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