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5 Strategies to Help You Stick With Your Health & Fitness Resolutions

written by Guest Blogger January 20, 2013

We’re almost at the end of January and although I mentioned it on Tuesday in What Have You Been Doing Differently in 2013?, I didn’t think that some people may be having trouble making the changes they want for the new year. Here’s guest blogger, Leon Harris, with some strategies to help us stick with our intentions!

If you’re someone who made a resolution (or series of resolutions) to get into better physical condition, you’re certainly not alone. The truth is that resolving to be healthier and/or to get on a fitness plan are two of the top goals that most people make on an annual basis. Of course, sticking to those plans is another matter entirely.

That’s what we’re here for: To help you come up with some strategies (five, to be exact) that will help you to not just aim to be in good shape, but to see some real resolutions come swimsuit season:

Be realistic.

You can do pretty much anything that you stick your mind to. That said, when making health resolutions, it’s still a good idea to be realistic about them. In other words, if you haven’t bought a new pair of running shoes in five years then you probably are not going to run two miles every day (at least not at first). It’s easier to stick with a health plan when it’s one that you can actually see yourself doing. So, if you want to do more cardio, run on your treadmill while watching your favorite sitcom or jog with your dog in the evenings (for starters). (For more on this, read Leon’s Tips for Setting Health & Fitness Goals in 2013)

Plan a schedule.

Nothing goes well that doesn’t have a formal plan, including working out. If you are thinking that you can wait and see how you feel every day before making a decision about exercising, you are going to be disappointed sooner than you’d like. So, if you’re serious about toning up, get a wall calendar and write down your workout schedule.

Be creative.

Say that you want to do something like cut out a lot of the fats and sugars that you’ve been consuming. One way to do that would be to eat out less, to limit your fried foods intake and to try being more fruit-conscious. For a while, the transition may seem boring, but if you purchase a couple of cookbooks and you get creative with some of the recipes, healthy cooking could actually become a lot of fun for you.

Get some accountability.

If you’ve ever talked to someone who works in one of the careers for healthcare about what is needed to get into better shape, they will probably recommend getting some accountability. The great thing about putting a couple of friends into the mix is that they can serve as a strong support team. Sometimes you can work out with them and on days when you’re feeling discouraged, they can offer you the support that they need. Another accountability system to consider is going to some online forums. Calories Per Hour, 3 Fat Chicks and Exercise For Weight Loss are just a few that are available in cyberspace.

Reward your efforts.

When you’re setting target dates to reach certain goals, be sure to make celebrating yourself a part of that plan. For each mission accomplished, that is worthy of a reward whether it’s a massage, a mani/pedi or even a new outfit. Don’t look at it as “spending more money” but investing in your best commodity: you.

About the Author

Leon Harris is a contributing writer for Health Testing Centers. Harris lives in Southern California, and enjoys eating healthy and exercising with his two Golden Retrievers.

I’ve noticed on weeks that I schedule my workouts, I’m more likely to follow through! Have any of Leon’s tips helped you stick to your goals? Do you have any different ones to share?

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