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5 Simple Gadgets to Improve Your Fitness Level

written by Guest Blogger May 17, 2012

How do you know where you`re going if you don`t know where you`re starting from? How do you improve if you don`t have a marker to measure your progress? This is the content of today`s guest blog post by cyclist, Krystal Pierce!

Science and technology has long aimed at easing the life of human race, and have devoted themselves to the well-being of humans. Health and life care services have seen tremendous technological advancements over the past two decades. There is no area of health and fitness that has not been worked on by scientists and researchers.

There is a wide range of widgets and appliances available in the market that can be used to keep a track of the nutritional intake, calories burnt, steps taken, laps covered, pulse rate, diabetic level, blood pressure, distance travelled, height traversed, blood analyzers, exercise intensity, workout efficiency, diets taken, hydration level, and you just name them.

Fitness can be monitored and improved with these tools by keeping a check on the data delivered by them. Here we aim to give you a brief look at five gadgets that you can employ in your daily routine, to monitor your fitness level and consequently devise ways of improving it.

A Pedometer is a simple device, compared to the high tech ones available in markets these days. For casual joggers, whose fitness activity is only compromised of a walk around the block, it is a perfect tool. But it is not just limited to the laid-back individuals; it can also be used by marathon runners and other professional sportsmen.

What this device does is to measure the number of steps you have taken and at which speed you have been walking. With this simple reading, you can analyze the pace you have been travelling at, the distance you have travelled and other related parameters.

Heart Rate Monitor is another highly useful tool that can not only improve your health, but also help you to train in a smart way by keeping a check on your workout performance. The device is easy to program and is extremely user-friendly. It is used to measure the pulse rate of a person based on oxygen consumption. It comprises of a chest strap that is used to take these readings and a wrist watch or any other display that can be used to display those readings to the consumer in real time.

Cycle speed monitor is for those out there who love the activity of cycling and want to test out their work activity. They come with a variety of data reading ability and can show you the distance you travelled, your current average and maximum speed, total trip time and current time. This widget is highly useful both for casual use of bicycle and those aiming at workout through bicycle.

Road Runner is an application for your smart phone. It can be used to analyze the complete work day activity log. Whatever you did during the day, and how much you benefited from the activity performed can be scrutinized using a Road Runner. It can inform you about the distance you moved through and calories burned, so that you can keep a check on your overall health parameters.

Calorie Counter is again a smart phone application that assists you in keeping a check on the food you devour and your workout sessions. This is an incredible tool to balance the intake of food and employing the energy thus generated. You can use the information presented by the Calorie Counter to decide on how to eat healthy food that gives you good calorie intake and the smart exercise plan that effectively puts them to use.

We have given you a sneak peak on extremely simple and handy to use tools that you can carry with you on the go. Incorporate them in your daily life and keep a check on your physical fitness and be your own health coach.

About the Author

Krystal Pierce is a cyclist by vocation and devotes all her leisure time to zealous writing. She has a profound fervor for writing, sports and has been using sports apparatus like polar ft7, garmin forerunner 910xt and Bicycle Computers for numerous years.

Do you have a favourite fitness gadget you use on an almost daily basis? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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