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5 Scary Movies for the Whole Family on Halloween

written by Guest Blogger October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! In the past we’ve shared a Halloween poem & pumpkin soup recipe, satisfying healthy candy alternatives and a smokey roasted pumpkin seed recipe for this spooky holiday. This year we help you maintain a healthy relationship with your family with guest blogger, Carol Montrose, as she shares a few ideas for family movies you can enjoy tonight on All Hallow’s Eve!


When the streets are dark and your kids are done collecting candy for the evening, it’s time to wash their faces, put them into pajamas, and try to calm them down enough from the excitements of the evening to actually get them to bed.

So give them glasses of warm milk or room-temperature water to temper the abundance of candy in their little bellies and pop in a Halloween movie that won’t scare them too badly. Here are just a few that both parents and kids will enjoy:

  1. Coraline (2009). This stop-motion movie comes complete with a colorful world of imagination that will engage the minds of children. Of course, the story is nothing to sniff at, as an imaginative girl enters an alternate world where everyone loves her. There is a catch, but will it be enough to send Coraline back to her old life? Watch and find out.
  2. Monsters, Inc. (2001). Anyone who has seen this Pixar masterpiece is no doubt in love with the furry, blue monster called Sully, who accidentally brings a little girl back to his home city of Monstropolis after hiding in her closet to scare her. Despite the fact that he’s more frightened of her than she is of him, he vows to return her to her own room before the other monsters get wind of her presence. Of course, it’s never that simple. But this is definitely one that even young kids can watch, and parents will no doubt love the in-depth storytelling that has come to characterize Pixar creations.
  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Tim Burton’s yarn, spun in Halloweentown, became an instant classic revered by both kids and adults. Jack Skellington’s desire to do something great and break from the restraints of his world speaks to the adventurer in all of us, despite his misguided attempts to hijack Christmas. But it all comes out right in the end and kids will revel in the fun characters (including a pumpkin-nosed Rudolph-stand-in named Zero), the stop-motion animation, and a creepy-cool world that comes straight from the depths of Burton’s macabre mind.
  4. Ghostbusters (1984). Here’s a classic from your own youth that your kids are likely to enjoy (although some of the ghosts may be a bit much for young tots – the dogs, in particular). But older kids will quickly get on board with the silly characters like poor Louis (Rick Moranis), who’s always locking himself out, and Venkman (Bill Murray), who treats scientific study more like frat party. Throw in some great one-liners (“Get her, Ray?”) and a 50-foot-tall marshmallow man and you’ve got some serious entertainment potential. So who you gonna call on Halloween?
  5. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966). This classic may date back to the time when your own parents were kids, but thanks to older movies finally getting sent out for DVD manufacturing service (order via Amazon) you can pass it on to a whole new generation. Although it is a tale of a newspaper man (crazy-eyed Don Knotts did the wild and wacky way before Seinfeld’s Kramer made it popular again) trying to solve a mysterious murder by staking out a haunted house, kids will likely find it tame by today’s movie-watching standards. It’s suitable even for younger, school-aged kids and the hilarious physical comedy of Knotts is sure to make them laugh more than scream.

About the Author

Carol Montrose is a movie buff and freelance writer. She is currently working with DVDduplication.net to provide helpful content for their blog.

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Really good article, a little late, but definitely a fun read!


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