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5 Refreshing Summer Breakfasts You Must Try

written by Guest Blogger May 25, 2016

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will dictate what kind of day you will have ahead. Fortunately, there is a broad range of breakfast options that you can choose from for your breakfast. Keep reading today’s article by guest blogger, Vaileria Dennis, for 5+ delicious summer breakfasts!

In summer, the sun is high in the sky and your body has a lot of needs. As the weather changes, you also need to make adjustments in your morning meal. It will determine the amount of energy that you pump into your body. A healthy and energy-giving breakfast will help you to achieve productivity at work. It will also help you maintain and keep your body healthy and keep your skin looking bright and radiant.


Here are 5 breakfast ideas ideal for summer weather:

1. Refreshing Summer Smoothies

Smoothies are natural and delicious with little fuss, and I believe that anyone will like a smoothie. They are effortless and simple to prepare. In addition, they contain a lot of nutrients from the fruits, making them a perfect way to pump nutrients into the body.

Remember that the summer has harsh environmental conditions and it will take a lot of effort from the body to protect and take care of the skin from getting damaged by these conditions. Smoothies will work for the entire family and are a perfect way to start a day. You can also carry your smoothie to the office for an easy, quick nutritious breakfast.

Below are some of the easy and fast to make smoothies that you can consider trying out this summer.

  • Banana Boost Smoothie
    When you use a frozen banana, it makes the smoothie perfect that even a sleepy soul can handle. You can blend it using yogurt and a spoon of honey. If need be, you can add some water to thin it a little bit. However, you do not have to thin it. This will be a perfect way to start your day with energy and nutrition filled smoothie.
  • Peach Powerhouse Smoothie
    This is especially important after a morning workout. You need to replace the lost energy and add more for the rest of the day. Blend a cup of almond or vanilla flavored soy milk with instant Oatmeal. Add peeled fresh peaches and a handful of raw nuts. You may also consider adding some cinnamon. Blend so that you get a smooth mixture. To make it cold enough to help deal with the summer heat, consider adding some ice cubes. However, for kids, you can serve without necessarily making it cold. Cinnamon and oatmeal have a soothing effect on your skin that helps to calm down the severe and harsh conditions of the summer heat.
  • Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie
    Some mornings, depending on the night, will require caffeine. On such a morning, you can prepare a smoothie with pumpkin cubes, a cup of coffee, milk and a scoop of chocolate protein powder. This is a good smoothie for all the chocolate lovers and in that dull morning when you need some caffeine to brighten your day. The pumpkin also adds vast amounts of energy to your body and helps you perform activities better.
  • Coconut smoothies
    Coconut smoothies can be prepared by blending coconut with milk, bananas and a spoon of honey. Honey has anti-oxidation effects and helps to prevent the skin from freely occurring radicles. It also contributes to keeping the skin nourished and moisturized. This helps to keep growing new skin cells that maintain the skin shape. It also helps to maintain the skin tight and prevent the sagging effects that lead to the appearance of the aging signs.

Smoothies can help the sick keep a safe and healthy diet plan. It is possible to include different foods that are rich in various nutrients that help you maintain your plan.

2. Hawaiian Pancakes

I believe many people like pancakes. This is a perfect way, therefore, to make sure that you do not skip breakfast. Prepare some pancakes and add some butter and honey on top to make them tasty. You can also consider sprinkling some grated coconut or nut sweeteners. Honey and coconut will help keep the skin moisturized and reduce the loss of water to the harsh summer environment. Pancakes also add a lot of energy to the body.

3. Poached Eggs and Avocado Toast

Making poached eggs is easy and fast. It can be used to accompany an avocado on toast. This is filling and a good way to start any summer morning. Eggs and avocado have nutrients that are needed by the body to get it through a summer day.

4. Wheat Blueberry Baked Scones

Blueberries are rich in many nutrients. They are also super rich in antioxidants that help fight the naturally occurring free radicals. They also help to boost the body’s autoxidation that is paramount during the summer environment. A baked scone is also filling and adds energy to the body to help you go through the day with the day’s activities.

5. Morning Fruit Salad

You can make a quick breakfast by slicing different fruits to make a fruit salad. Fruits are very rich in nutrients. They also help boost body immunity and thus protect the body and especially the skin from diseases. Summer conditions may lead to various skin conditions. However, taking much of fruits can help you control these conditions. Healthy living tips advise that we take a fruit every morning.

The summer conditions may be difficult to deal with for anyone. You, therefore, need to make sure that you take a proper diet so that your body will be strong enough to get through the summer. Having a good breakfast is a sure way to get your body prepared for the harsh summer conditions. It also helps to solve most of the conditions that are associated with the summer season.



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