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5 Juicing Mistakes You Must Avoid

written by Guest Blogger October 10, 2016

Have you heard about all the health benefits to juicing? Are you already into or getting ready to juice? If so, you may really appreciate today’s guest article by Mauricio Prinzlau. Keep reading to avoid any potential juicing mistakes and reap the most benefits from juicing.

Juicing seems like a convenient solution for people who are burdened with excessive work pressure and deadlines. A quick and scrumptious breakfast option, a glass of fresh fruit juice keeps you charged up all day long!

Juicing has its own fair share of dos and don’ts. Please have a look at 5 mistakes which are very common.

1. Do: Proper Juicing Recipes

Juicing is not just about blending different fruits and vegetables and drinking the concoction it involves systematic planning and proper recipes. If done the right way, it can really boost your immunity and help increase your longevity, but juicing comes with its own set of rules, and not following them can lead to some very unpleasant consequences. For instance, you might start gaining weight or suffer from some other painful side-affects. Read on to know more about the common juicing mistakes and how to avoid them.

2. Don’t: Adding loads of fruits

Rich in glucose, fructose and other natural sweeteners fruits are a popular choice among people when it comes to juicing. And while fructose is necessary, excess of it can be really harmful for the body, especially the liver. Adding fruits can really enhance the taste of the otherwise bland juice full of green veggies and other healthy stuff, but what one fails to realise is that an excess of fruits can drastically lower the nutritional content as well. That doesn’t mean you compromise on the taste though, but remember too much of a good thing can sometimes be harmful.

3. Don’t: Drinking it all down at once

I’ve seen that most people simply dump the entire contents of the glass down their throats at once. That is not the correct way. It needs some time if you want to enjoy your glass of juice in the morning. Swirl the contents inside your mouth savouring the taste before swallowing it, this enhances digestion and gives your body the time required for absorbing the nutrients. You can use a transparent glass to keep looking at the quantity. You’d feel the difference yourself. You’ll get maximum results.

4. Don’t: Repeating the same fruits and vegetables over and over:

Replete in many vitamins and minerals, vegetables such as spinach, cabbages, carrots, beetroots, kale and bitter gourd are considered the healthiest options for juicing. These veggies are high on antioxidants and low on calories, thus cleansing the body and preventing many deadly diseases. They also are very good in fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, etc., as well. Consuming similar fruits and vegetables every day is not only boring but impractical as well. Variety is the spice of life, try different recipes and ingredients to enhance the nutritional content of your juice.

5. Avoid Being gullible to the many artificial brands in the market:

In order to maximize their profits many brands out there trick innocent customers by offering harmful chemicals, artificial flavours and preservatives under the guise of popular brands, that they claim are “100% natural fresh and organic”. Reality check: they’re not. Better that you get a blender instead for juicing fresh fruits and vegetables at your home. Compare the different types of juicers out there and buy one that best suits your needs.

To conclude, I’d suggest to start juicing today. It’s a great way to maintain a healthy life. Buy a good juicer and this will make it easier for you to try out different recipes.

About the Author

Mauricio Prinzlau inspires people to go organic and live a healthy life at Bestjuicer.net. He writes about various organic juice recipes and reviews best juicers. Get in touch with him at Facebook and Twitter.

Did you learn anything new in today’s article? Is there something you’d like to share about juicing?

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