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5 Foods You Should Avoid

written by Guest Blogger August 7, 2015

We’re always looking to simplify. Yes, most of us like a challenge but hey, it’s great to make food choice, at least, easy. And that’s what today’s guest blogger, David Dack from Runner’s Blueprint, does in today’s article. Keep reading to find out what 5 foods to avoid and make your life healthier and easier! 

Can’t figure out why your health is in such a slump? Well, the answer may lie within your diet choices. You’re what you eat after all. And opting for bad food choices can only have negative effects on your health and well-being. This is no secret.

In fact, certain foods are linked to a host of health troubles, such as obesity, diabetes, liver diseases, high cholesterol, and so on. And eschewing these foods can be the greatest service you can do to your health. Therefore, whether you are looking to boost energy levels, lose weight, or get into the best shape ever, here are the foods you need to avoid:


I hate to sound like a broken record, but sodas are bad for you. These sugar-sweetened drinks cause disturbances in your body’s inflammatory balance, hindering recovery and setting the stage for a host of chronic diseases.

And don’t be fooled by diet sodas. In fact, even one diet soda a day can boost your risks of metabolic syndrome for up to 34 percent, according to a 2008 University of Minnesota study. These symptoms include belly fat and high cholesterol, boosting the risks of heart diseases.

Therefore, if you avoid one thing on this list, it should be the sugary drinks. They will only take a toll on your health and wellbeing. Opt for healthier options such as organic milk, homemade fruit juice, tea, or the best off all, water.

No McDonald’s

Some of the fattiest and unhealthiest foods you can ever eat can be found on the McDonald’s menu. These foods are mainly made with artificial additives, sugars, fats, sodium and other unhealthy ingredients that will only sabotage your health vision.

In fact, consuming fast food regularly is linked to a host of health problems, including, obesity, liver diseases, and so on. As a result, you need to avoid fast food at all costs. Nevertheless, that’s easier said than done, especially if you are running a busy schedule.

There is one thing you can do here: You can always learn to cook your own food.

And to master the art of cooking your own meals you need to plan ahead. Sit down on Sundays (or on any other day of your choosing) and plan out every meal for that week because doing so helps you take the guesswork from the cooking during the rest of the week.

Rice Cakes

Even though this stuff has been touted as the ultimate diet food during the low-fat diet trends of the 80’s and 90’s, rice cakes are some of the worst foods you can eat.

Rice cakes score high on the glycemic index—about 90—therefore consuming them will only get your blood sugar levels soaring through the roof, leading to unhealthy snacking, overeating, and a myriad of other health troubles.

So make the right health decision and say no to rice cakes.

GMO foods

Today’s corn is no longer natural. The bulk of domestic crops have DNA that was tampered with in a lab. In other words, genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, are everywhere, and it’s virtually impossible to know which foods items have these genetically engineered ingredients. These additives are bad for health, bad for farmers, bad for the environment and bad for the whole planet.

Regular consumption of GMO’s has dire consequences on your body and has been linked to a myriad of health troubles. In fact, most European countries, as have the UK, Australia, Japan and other countries, have banned GMO’s due to the lack of studies proving the safety of their consumption. But in the U.S. they’re not even labeled!

Steering clear of GMO’s foods is a hard feat. The stuff is present in the vast majority of processed foods. From salad dressings, bottle juice, and even bread. However, you can always make the healthy decision by opting for foods with the least added ingredients. Choosing organic and Non-GMO verified foods is the way to go.

Processed meats

If you are serious about eating healthier, then processed meats have to go. The hot dogs, sausages, ham, bacon, and most canned meats are high in calories, fat, sodium, nitrate sodium and other unhealthy additives that studies have linked regular consumption to a host of health troubles, such as obesity, heart diseases, liver problems, cancer, high cholesterol, and so on.

Therefore, cut out the stuff from your diet and try to opt for healthier alternatives. The more natural (less added ingredients), the better. If you can’t cut them entirely from your life, then consume them only on occasional treats. Set a specific day of the week—preferably Saturdays—and indulge in your favorite eating compulsions. At least you will have things under control.

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About the Author

David Dack is fitness author and enthusiast. He is a regular contributor to some of the major fitness magazines and online publications. For more tips and training guidelines go to his blog Runner’s Blueprint. You can also follow David on Twitter: @DavidDack

Ouch. Most of this list I can do without but the processed meats… mmm… bacon. Italian and Polish sausage. Chorizo. What will you have trouble cutting out in this list? 

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