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5 Exercises to Help Burn Calories In a 9 to 5 Job

written by Guest Blogger February 16, 2012

Have you been letting your job get in the way of fulfilling your 2012 new year’s intentions to get healthier and more fit? Well throw those excuses out the window with today’s guest post! Natasha shares with us some easy moves we can do on the job, especially in an office.    

Like millions of people out there, I work in a 9 to 5 routine job with nothing else to do with my body but sit, sit and sit… and that too in front of a computer. Oh yes, I do use my brains a lot (since I’m a writer) and that alone is so tiring that it leaves me with no energy to do any other physical activity.

Letting myself believe this “I am stuck” theory, I lazily went on with the job until one fine day I found out that I had gained an extra 9 pounds during the last few months!

Needless to say , it was a panic call for me and because I wish to carry on with a 9 to 5 job, I wanted to look for something that will keep me active while also helping my metabolism as I don’t want to starve myself, nor do I want to eat and sit, sit and eat.

Scouring the internet and using some of my own God gifted commonsense (ahem); I came up with five exercises that can help you burn enough calories while also helping you in lose weight:

 Note: Some of these exercises might not be suitable for you for many reasons, so you must consult your physician before adopting any of these.

Squatting Up & Down 20 to 30 Times

Ok! You can do this whenever you go to the washroom or a space by yourself where no one can see you. With this, all you have to do is start moving up and down while inhaling on the up and exhaling as you clench your abs to squat down. This exercise will immediately increase your heart beat and though it gets tough as you reach 16 or 20, it’s quite good for your legs and abdomen. Try to do this 30 times in one go and repeat this a couple of times. It hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes!

Yoga at the Desk

While sitting at the desk and typing away, you can exercise your stomach muscles and strengthen them; helping you to burn calories quite fast. Pretty much a yoga exercise, this activity requires you to exhale with stomach pulled in, and inhale with stomach bloating out. Working in the opposite mode, this exercise is to help your stomach muscle to get activated and also strengthen them considerably. Do this anytime, anywhere and up to any amount you want. Hold the stomach in for around three minutes and you will see the difference after a month of the exercise!

Moving your Legs at the Desk

Do you have some space around your legs? Then you can try exercising by shaking and swinging your legs to and from the seat. This is a great way to keep your leg muscles activated and avoid numbness. If you can’t get up and take a stroll around the office, this is the easiest exercise you can do to burn calories. As you can see, you don’t have to let a 9 to 5 job deter you from moving around, if you’re determined, you can still burn calories without even leaving your desk (it may not be as viable if you are sitting on a reception desk).

Don’t Stare at the Stairs – Use them

Does your office have stairways? You can try using those stairs for 5 to 10 minutes every day. Don’t worry about someone noting you going up and down for no reason. Right now, your only concern is to burn calories, and taking a walk up and down on the office stairs will help you regain a good shape. However, you may want to avoid doing this one if you are fairly new at the job).

Challenge your patience – Avoid Snacks or Heavy Lunch

Not really an exercise as such, any exercise won’t be much help if you’re munching away at junk food and drinks during your job. Eat a good breakfast before work (yes, wake up early), and when at work do not snack on potato fries, frizzy drinks, chocolates, biscuits, burgers, or any other thing of that sort. These food elements are fatty and this kind of fat doesn’t go with a 5 minute walk. Most of the time 9 to 5 workers are out of shape because of their unconscious intake of food in the form of snacking or teas and coffees. This doesn’t mean starve yourself,  though! You still need some food to get that mind functioning at its best! Also remember that a heavy lunch or too many snacks can make you feel extremely sleepy and inactive.

With these basic tips, you can ease your worry about office inactivity and getting out of shape. All you need is some determination and persistence to have a healthy, active lifestyle while at the same time being efficient and delivering excellent work for your employers. It’s a known fact that exercise makes you healthier, more energetic, and much more active!

Who knows, looking at your improved performance graph, your company may start an exercise session with you as an honorary PT instructor, whoa!

About the Author

Natasha writes for a Lean Cuisine diet blog that offers the invaluable lean cuisine diet tips and lean cuisine weight loss plans.

Do you have any tips to get us off our tushes in our 9 to 5 office jobs? 

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Grace Cherian February 18, 2012 at 9:09 pm

I suffer the same occupational hazard as you do, Natasha. I’m a writer and sit on my tush (in front of the computer) a-l-l day long. My problem is, before I know it, the work day is over. And often I haven’t even stepped out of the house. So what I’m going to do is schedule a morning walk before I start any work.

Dr. Terranella February 23, 2012 at 9:06 am

Hi Natasha!

Thank you for sharing this helpful article on exercises that people can to to burn calories and lose weight. In addition to a balanced diet, exercise is VERY important contributor to someone’s health. Here are some more tips to losing weight: http://ow.ly/9f58Y I hope this article helps to further explain other healthy alternatives to weight loss.

-Dr. Terranella


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