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5 Effective Yoga Poses to Beat the Stress

written by Guest Blogger July 21, 2015

Who wants to conquer stress in a healthy way? Keep reading today’s guest article by Kristy Megan for 5 poses to destress on a daily basis. 

When it comes to relieving stress, there is nothing more effective and naturally soothing than practicing yoga. There are hundreds of yoga poses that can help you keep calm, stay healthy and say bye-bye to stress for good. However, not all yoga poses are equally effective for stress relieve.

Given below yoga poses are highly-recommended by professional yogis for relieving stress for beginners and regular practitioners.


1. Child’s Pose:

Child’s pose is one of the most commonly suggested pose by pro yogis for reducing stress. First of all, you will need to create a support on which you can easily lie on floor using firm pillows or folded blanket. Now, get down on to your knees placing each of them at either side of the support,while making sure that your toes touch with each other.

Next thing you will need to do is to allow your forearms rest on the floor straight, and turn your forehead to one side of the support or place it straight or whatever position makes it more comfortable for you. Hold this pose for at least 2 to 3 minutes or as long as you can hold it easily.

2. Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose:

Another most highly recommended pose by advanced yoga practitioners is Legs-Up-The-Wall pose. This pose is quite simple and can be easily done anywhere as you do not need to create a support or any other thing besides a bolster or a few inches thicker object to place beneath the hips. For this pose, you just need to lie straight on the floor. However, from head to hip bone, your body should touch the floor.

From the hip bone, raise your legs and place them straight on the wall, make sure that the feet are straight and the soles of your feet pushed against the wall. Moreover, extend your arms out, each at 45 degrees from the shoulder. Hold this pose for at least two minutes and you will find a significant difference in your stress level.

3. Low Lunge:

One of the most effective poses for releasing stress is Low Lunge. For this pose, you will need to bend your left knee and place feet flat on the floor, at front, and keep the left hand on the knee. Whereas place the right knee on the floor, at the back side, and stretch the feet towards to the body with left hand in a way that it pulls the heel towards the gluteus. Inhale, and stretch your spine for flat back. You will need to hold this pose for at least 40 seconds to feel the effect.

4. Pigeon Pose:

Pigeon pose is yet another great yoga pose for relieving stress. For this pose, you need to scoot your left leg straight on the floor with feet touching the floor. Bend your right feet forward and put a bolster under the hip. Extend your both hands forward and bend from elbow at 90 degrees in a way that right hand touches the right knee and left hand touches the right feet. One more thing that you need to make sure that both your palm touch the floor with fingers stretched apart. Hold this pose for at least one minute or as long as it is comfortable for you to hold.

5. Puppy Pose:

This one is actually a variant of Child pose but very effective for beating stress. In this pose, you will need to lie on all fours. First of all, you will need to fold your knees in a way that it makes 90 degree angle with the hips and stretch your legs back with toes touching the floor. Next thing you will need to is to place your elbows on the floor extending them out from the shoulder and place your forehead on the floor. When you will do this, your back will come in an inclined position which will stretch the spine and shoulders at the same time. Try to hold this pose for a minute at least.

About the Author

Kristy Megan is a professional coursework consultant and an active yoga practitioner. Besides providing students coursework help, she shares yoga tips to help them reduce academic stress through natural ways.

What’s your favourite yoga pose to take away stress?

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