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5 Different Group Workouts

written by Guest Blogger October 24, 2012

Ooo… this is a timely guest post for me! I’ve been considering joining a few group workouts to help me get out of my exercise funk. Here are several workouts done in group setting which guest blogger, Ken Myers, thinks we might enjoy.  

Not everyone has the drive to just get up and go workout every day, and instead need the extra push that a group exercise setting can offer. Group exercise workouts not only give you an instructor to lead you through a workout, but they also give unparalleled support in the form of the other members who are sweating it out right next to you.

The energy in group classes can make all the difference in a workout, helping push you to work harder and achieve more. These five workouts are all completely different from one another but draw on the same principles of working out together to reach new fitness heights:

1. Hot yoga classes. Yoga is taken to a whole new level when the temperature in the classroom is set at a stifling 95°, and you’ll spend the entire class sweating out all the toxins your body has acquired, ensuring that you’ll leave feeling like a brand new person. These classes are generally open to all levels, and instructors are typically more than happy to help correct your form so that you get the most from your practice.

2. Bootcamps. Bootcamp-style classes have gained a lot of momentum in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The combination of explosive exercises and drills mean that you get a total body workout during each class that will leave you sweaty and strong. Working alongside other members in your class can help give you the push you need to finally master bear crawls or find the energy for one last sprint.

3. CrossFit. If there’s any type of workout that popped up out of nowhere and made a name for itself, it’s CrossFit. This workout is done in a box (which is a type of gym) and combines mobility, strength, flexibility, Olympic style lifting, and everything else you need to become a well-rounded athlete. You work individually and in partners, and everyone in the group is always more than willing to offer support and encouragement throughout the duration of the workout.

4. Sport-specific groups. If there’s a specific sport that you’re particularly invested in, it’s likely that there’s also a group to support it. From running clubs to swimming leagues or cycling groups, you’re likely to find a club to fit your needs. These clubs generally meet a couple times a week and cater to all levels so that anyone can join in on the fun. They’ll work out together, help each other improve, and prep for races together, helping propel you to your best performance.

5. Group exercise classes at the gym. Group exercise classes at the gym are the perfect exercise solution for those who are solely focused on getting fit and having fun. Cycling, BodyPump, yoga… most gyms have it all, offering something for everyone. Often once you start attending a class regularly, you’ll make friends with other regulars, making it easy to get to class every day because you know someone’s there waiting for you.

Group exercise can be the missing link when it comes to finding what motivates you to get out and accomplish your workout each day. They offer support, friendships, and instruction, and can help you reach your fullest athletic potential.

About the Author:

Ken Myers as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance. He is a regular contributor of “www.gonannies.com”. You can get in touch with him at kmyers.ceo@gmail.com.

Oh, yes, hot yoga and martial arts are high on my list as potential group workout options. What about you? Do any of Ken’s suggestions tickle your fancy or do you have any ideas that Ken didn’t mention? 

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